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    Four-foot python found in box with returned DVD!

    Two weeks ago, employees at a Samsung facility in Secaucus opened a box with a returned DVD player in it - only to find a four-foot-long python inside as well.

    They were sure that a disgruntled customer had sent it back, so they notified the police as well as animal control. But as the mystery uncoiled, they realized they had jumped to conclusions.

    This is the story of Paco.

    This is the story of how a three-year-old snake journeyed alone, 1,078 miles from Jefferson City, Mo., almost to New York City - a trip that took him less than a week to complete.

    And this is the story the snake's quest to return home.

    In the beginning
    It all started one evening in early November with a faulty DVD player. Sheila Himmerick and her 17-year old son, Rusty Wolfe, of Missouri, couldn't figure out why their brand new Samsung DVD player wouldn't work. First the DVD got stuck inside. Then, once it finally opened, the disc holder would not close.

    Since it was still under warranty, Himmerick called Samsung about getting a replacement. As is standard protocol, Samsung directed Himmerick to carefully re-package the player and have it shipped to their repair facility, CVE Incorporated, on Seaview Drive in Secaucus.

    Because the problem was not her fault, Samsung offered to pay for the shipping costs to New Jersey and told her that they would send her a UPS packing label for the shipment.

    "I wasn't sure if I should seal the box totally just yet," said Himmerick. "I wanted to wait for the label and see if it had further instructions for shipping."

    Himmerick placed the DVD player in its original box with the raised Styrofoam sleeves, re-covered the unit with Styrofoam peanuts, and left the parcel on the floor, unsealed and awaiting its ticket.

    Enter Paco

    Paco came to Rusty as a baby snake three years ago, and immediately had a penchant for mischief.

    Active and friendly, Paco was notorious for "snaking" his way out of his cage and moving stealthily through the house. Because Himmerick raised a home of animal lovers, it was easy for Paco to get lost among the various family pets - three horses, five cats, two birds, three dogs and a rabbit - but Paco's presence was never ominous as one might think. There was never worry that a bird or cat might disappear (let alone Paco), so Paco had free-range until he could be found and placed back in his cage.

    But as Paco grew older, he got bigger and stronger. And soon he was disappearing on a regular basis.

    "He can easily get out his cage now," said Rusty, "and that's with all kinds of stuff on top of it!"

    In his most recent escapade, Paco pulled a classic Houdini, suddenly vanishing, never to be seen again - in Missouri.

    The act

    Paco was last seen in Rusty's bedroom, just out of his cage. The next thing the family knew, a month had passed and still no Paco. Himmerick ordered Rusty to pick up his room and clean out his closet.

    "We thought nothing of it," said Himmerick. "He had been out of his cage for about a month, but I knew he'd turn up eventually."

    Full Story

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    Paco What A Wonderful Story

    I don't even like snakes it must be to close to Christmas. I am getting mushy over a snake!!!! A almost happy ending. LOL

    Susie from Texas
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