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    UK - Zainab Begum, 56, Accrington, Lancashire, 13 Jan 2004 *M. Arshad guilty*

    A BUTCHER who chopped up his mother-in-law with a meat cleaver is believed to have put her body parts in pies and curries.

    Muhammed Arshad, 37, hid the remains of the mum of six above his takeaway — but they were never found.

    Forensic experts said the parts were taken down to the kitchen of the shop where “the blood trail stopped”.

    The qualified butcher, who also worked in a pie factory, was jailed for life yesterday for murdering Zainab Begum, 56.

    A Lancashire Police source said: “It is very macabre but we had to consider the possibility the body was fed to customers. But our inquiries failed to find any evidence that the body had been eaten.”

    Arshad, of Crumpsall, Manchester, claimed he dumped the parts in bins in the city’s “Curry Mile” area in Rusholme.

    His brother Mohammed Khan, also 37, was jailed for seven years at Preston Crown Court for helping him hide the bits in the shop they ran together in Accrington.

    Arshad, who denied murder, was recommended to serve at least 24 years. He claimed Zainab made sexual advances to him, walking into his bedroom naked as he got changed at her home.

    He said she hit her head against the wall when he pushed her away.


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    For all the LE HERE............. IT'S NOT HIS MIL, IT'S MINE. SHE hasn't seen her son over XMAS for 6 years and "CHOOSE TO GO AWAY" when he's flying down on the 26th for 7 days.

    Beyond my realm of thinking!!!!!!!!!!! I think she should be ground into something.

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