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    Here are a bunch of links that haven't been posted in this timeline thread yet, also some video transcripts.


    Jaren Lockhart WDSU Timeline:


    Jaren FB Group:


    Jaren's photobucket and xanga:


    Speak's criminal record links:


    MAS online accounts & pictures:


    Local reporter twitter accounts:




    June 7th 2012 NOPD Press release

    Police are asking for the public’s assistance in locating 22-year-old Jaren Lockhart, who was last seen by her boyfriend leaving a house in the 2400 block of Tulane Avenue on Tuesday June 5, 2012 at about 8pm.

    June 7th 2012 Torso found on beach

    Hancock County Sheriff's Chief Investigator Glenn Grannan said the remains apparently washed ashore and were found early Thursday evening by workers dredging along the beach near Bay Oaks Drive.

    "We don't believe she has been out here long," Grannan said.


    June 8th 2012 Raw Video: Hancock County Sheriff Ricky Adam

    Reporter: What condition was the body in, that you found?

    Ricky Adam: It had been in the water several days - and it's just a torso. Uh, decapitated, no arms, no legs. Bad condition.

    Reporter: Do we know who it might be? Are there several missing women in the gulf area?

    Ricky Adam: There are several missing woman from New Orleans, from Mobile and- at this time we're investigating. Detective Grannan has been in touch with several agencies- so- that's about as far as we can go with it as far as identifying what areas we're looking at.


    June 8th 2012 Torso found in Bay St. Louis could be that of missing Mid-City woman

    Based on yesterday's high winds and high tides, Bass said it appeared likely that the torso floated in from somewhere toward the west of Bay St. Louis. There were no signs of a homicide taking place at the beach, he said.

    June 8th 2012 Torso found on Bay St. Louis beach may be missing N.O. woman

    Investigators said the movement of the current, from west to east, could have carried the remains from the New Orleans area to Bay St. Louis, within that time frame.

    "We had a strong range and probably moved the tides somewhere around four knots," Grannan said. "So, it could have moved that torso very far in 24 hours, 36 hours."

    June 8th 2012 Police: Young woman had been decapitated, dismembered, stabbed

    "Because all her body parts were not there, anything we saw could be the cause of death," Faulk said.

    It wasn't clear if the young woman was stabbed before or after she was mutilated.

    June 9th 2012 Officials identify remains found on Mississippi beaches

    "Some clothes were found also in Long Beach, about a 200 yard section of the beach. Some women's under apparel and pants were found," said Chief Dep. Don Bass with the Hancock County Sheriffs office.

    Investigators say those clothes were the same ones Lockhart was wearing in a surveillance video they saw of her leaving work early Wednesday morning.

    "Early this morning around 6:00 a.m., a discovery was made in Pass Christian of part of a leg." said Bass.

    After police got the call, officers were dispatched on four wheelers and boats to search for other body parts. About an hour and a half after part of a leg was found, a thigh was spotted along the shoreline. Then, just before 8:00 a.m., Lockhart's head was found at Picture Point in Long Beach. A fourth body part was found around 11:00 a.m. in Pass Christian.

    June 9th 2012 More body parts wash ashore; investigators ID victim

    Grannan said, "Our primary focus, up to this point, had been identifying the victim about midway last night into our investigation concerning that, we started to switch focus to try and determine who is responsible for this heinous act."

    And as the investigation moves forward so does the search for Lockhart's remains.

    Bass said, "We will continue throughout the day to see if we can recover any more parts."

    June 9th 2012 Tattoos help Mississippi deputies identify dismembered remains

    An employee at Temptations strip club at 327 Bourbon said Lockhart worked the night shift from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m.

    The day her boyfriend reported Lockhart missing, Price said, he explained he could no longer pay for his room and moved his belongings to an acquaintance's room at the same motel. Price said he hasn't seen the boyfriend since then.

    In a news release Thursday afternoon, police said Lockhart's boyfriend reported that he became concerned when he was unable to reach her and contacted police.

    June 9th 2012 Dismembered body identified as missing woman from New Orleans

    “We still haven’t established where the crime took place,” Grannan noted. “We’ll probably have to catch the perpetrator to determine that.”

    “We know that she did make it to work,” Grannan noted. “We also know when she left. Now we’re just trying to identify who she left with. She may have left with some people that are not known to everybody.”


    June 10th 2012 Video: Videos may hold clues in strip club dancer's death

    Jennifer Odom, Jaren's friend: The cops actually came up there and they talked to us, talked to everyone- we gave 'em, you know - as much information as we knew.

    Reporter: Jennifer Odom is a dancer too, and Lockhart's neighbor here at Mid-City's Capri Motel.

    Jennifer Odom: She lived downstairs and sometimes we rode to work together- but, actually, another friend of mine used to pick her up for work. She was like, a really nice girl- like, she was always happy- you know, like- fun to be around, fun to hang out with.

    Jennifer Odom: It scares a lot of us, you know- but- the most- the most thing is not to leave with anyone that you don't know.

    Jennifer Odom: She never, like, left with anyone she didn't know or anything like that and she's never like- not came back, you know- so we knew something was wrong when she didn't come back that- that- early that morning, you know.

    Jennifer Odom: I couldn't imagine that happening to anyone- it's really, like, dramatic and serious, you know?

    Jennifer Odom: She was one of our really good friends and we just really hope that it wouldn't have been her- and, like- it's really sad that- it is.


    June 11th 2012 Hancock County investigators pour over tapes, consult experts

    Tidal experts arrived at the Hancock County Sheriff's Office on Monday evening.

    Investigators said they have interviewed the boyfriend of Jaren Lockhart, 22, extensively and that he is cooperating. They said he confirmed clothing that washed ashore over the weekend is Lockhart's.

    June 11th 2012 Woman whose body parts were found on Miss. beaches last seen on video

    Authorities are attempting to locate the man and the woman seen on the video. The surveillance video is expected to be released to the public on Tuesday.

    June 11th 2012 Video: Sheriff's deputies take murder investigation to New Orleans

    Reporter: A possible sighting of some clothing Monday morning brought search teams back to the beach in Long Beach.

    Don Bass: Well, we're following up leads on the beach here. Of course, we're- we're continuing our search for any- um, body parts- any clothing. We discovered some parts Saturday and some clothing Saturday on the beach and had some calls today about possible additional parts of clothing but, looking at the tide and all, it might have taken it back out. We'll just keep checking.

    Reporter: Investigators want to recover every bit on evidence connected to the grizzly murder of 22 year old Jaren Lockhart. The New Orleans dancer's torso turned up on the beach in Bay St. Louis last week. Over the weekend, several body parts were discovered in Harrison County, but other remains are still missing.

    Jim Faulk: The right upper thigh, the feet- um, the lower arms and hands- and that's it.

    Reporter: Hancock County coroner Jim Faulk says he doesn't believe the mutilated body parts had been in the water too long.

    Jim Faulk: She couldn't have been.

    Reporter: Faulk wouldn't reveal the exact cause of death, but says Lockhart had a stab wound to the chest and was intentionally dismembered.

    Jim Faulk: I don't know how to tell what's in somebody's head that would do a thing like that. I can't- just can't understand it.

    Don Bass: We're pursuing every lead that we have and every phone call.

    Jim Faulk: I've seen several horrible things since I've been here.

    Reporter: And this ranks?

    Jim Faulk: And this ranks right with them.


    June 12th 2012 Video: News conference on Lockhart murder investigation

    Glenn Grannon: And this male and female are the two individuals that leave with our victim just after two in the morning on Wednesday morning. Just looking at him- he's, he's not very tall- because she's-uh, later on when we have him next to our victim, she's only 5'3 and he's at best, maybe- maybe an inch or two taller than her- because he's almost her size. So, he's short for a male. And, we know a little bit about where they went afterwards- fortunately downtown merchants have-uh, all- almost everyone has some sort of surveillance camera so we're able to track them around the corner and a couple different places.

    Q: And what time is the last time you were able to track them?

    Glenn Grannon: Uh- probably two thirty in the morning.

    Ricky Adam: The male appears to have a distinctive tattoo on his right arm.

    Like a full length tattoo from maybe the hand up to the elbow, and above that.

    Glenn Grannon: We're providing this information to help us identify who these people are. They- I'm sure both of them know that- uh, we're looking for them, hopefully. But our concern is that both of them could be- there safety could be in peril. I mean, if they seen something that the perpetrator didn't want them to see, they could be in trouble.

    Q: So you don't feel like these people are the perpetrators, they just may have seen something?

    Glenn Grannon: We don't know. I'm not going to assume anything, you know- because- I mean, every- obviously the people that she left- that the victim left with were known to some people that were working in the area, and they didn't feel threatened by them at all before, you know- so- we don't have any reason to believe- or any- we don't have any reason to rule them out, we don't have any reason to put them in. All we have is them leaving with her.

    Glenn Grannon: We believe the female is a street performer, or was a street performer. We're not sure- sure what the male- we believe, we haven't confirmed it yet- may or may have not been a doorman in one of the other clubs. You know, the clubs don't- there's not a real- there's not a real good record about who the employees are. If they're not involved, they could be victims. If nothing else, they're witnesses to the last time we know that she is alive. So, if that is the case, you know- the perpetrator knows the same thing.

    Ricky Adam: To- to put this out there- to ask the public to help. Somebody will recognize these folks, they know we're looking for them and they haven't contacted us yet. So, it's our desire to put this out there and somebody will identify them.

    Q: Beyond asking the public for help, what is the next law enforcement step besides getting what ever you're hearing from those on Bourbon Street who might have worked or been *inaudible*

    Glenn Grannon: Well, obviously our priority is identifying these two and hopefully getting- getting contact with them. You know, contact is going to be a major step. Identifying them is one thing, but you know- if they're involved, they could- you know, they're probably in the wind.

    Glenn Grannon: We're showing this so you could see who these people are and hopefully somebody can identify them. But I'm verifying for you- they- that's the reason we are showing it to you- because she left with these people.

    Ricky Adam: Well, any time you get a case like this it's new, and you're working with multi-jurisdictions, uh- it's complicated whether it's a theft ring or a murder but in this case- this homicide- uh, it's been challenging but we're received a lot of- a lot of assistance from all the different agencies- they've been very helpful. Nobody has held anything back, it's been really- a great professional working relationship with all these people involved.


    June 12th 2012 Raw Video: Surveillance released from night of Jaren Lockhart's disappearance


    June 12th 2012 Video: Video from night of Jaren Lockhart's disappearance released

    Reporter: From New Orleans to where she grew up in Livingston parish around Springfield, folks say Jaren was not just a dancer in the quarter.

    Glenn Grannon: Everyone we spoke to- on the contrary- I mean- she- she seemed like a princess to them, you know.


    June 12th 2012 Video: Deputies look to tattoos to track down a person of interest in Jaren Lockhart murder

    Glenn Grannon: We could probably identify that tattoo- you know, once we enhance this- enhance the photography we have.

    Glenn Grannon: Tattoos are personal, you know. We have military tattoos specific to different units. You know, Marines and Navy personnel- you know, they have different units and they all have the same tattoo- we have gang tattoos.


    June 12th 2012 Video of 2 'persons of interest' in murder released by authorities

    The effort to find Lockhart's killer stretches across multiple counties and parishes in two states; the U.S. Marshals service is also involved. Also assisting are tidal experts at University of Mississippi, who are helping to determine where and when the body entered the water. Still missing are Lockhart's arms, hands, feet, and a portion of one leg. Nothing was found on Tuesday, Grannan said.

    Adam said his office are fielding "a lot" of calls from citizens offering tips.

    "In 39 years on the job," said chief deputy Don Bass, "it's the most horrific thing I've seen."

    June 12th 2012 Authorities seek identity of couple last seen with murder victim

    A memorial fund has been created for Jaren Ann Lockhart, 22, who was found murdered late last week after disappearing from her workplace in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

    Anyone wishing to help cover the expenses of this young mother’s funeral may donate at any Whitney or Hancock Bank, under the “Jaren Lockhart Memorial Fund” account.

    June 13th 2012 Video: Police arrest suspects in murder investigation

    Ricky Adam: We had numerous calls from the video that was shown on the TV.

    Reporter: One of those calls led authorities straight to the two people pictured in the video. Hancock County Sheriff Ricky Adam says the two are now suspects in the murder of Jaren Lockhart.

    Ricky Adam: Our investigators went to Louisiana, located them in a little town in Tangipahoa parish, Loranger- at a restaurant. Tangipahoa Sheriff's department made a traffic stop when they left.

    Reporter: Sheriff Adam says at some point during the traffic stop, Speaks bolted.

    Ricky Adam: Mr. Speaks, as he's identified now, did attempt to flee from the custody of police officers and was apprehended to my best understanding my the US Marshals in a field in a wooded area.

    Reporter: Chief Deputy Don Bass says Speaks is a convicted sex offender from North Carolina.

    Don Bass: We understand he has a colorful past.

    Ricky Adam: They have been interviewed and that's about as far as we can go with it a this point.

    Don Bass: They are being interviewed now.

    Ricky Adam: And they're being interviewed again right now, so. Their vehicle is being processed. FBI is assisting us with the processing of the vehicle.

    Reporter: The two have not been charged with Lockhart's murder, but the Sheriff says that could possibly come later.

    Ricky Adam: At some time they'll be transported to New Orleans and held for the Marshals there before he is extradited back to North Carolina, should evidence come up between now and then- we're going to let the evidence dictate the steps we take from there.


    June 13th 2012 Video: Investigation into N.O. woman's killing includes Kenner, Hancock County, Tangipahoa and federal court

    Ricky Adam: She was driving- they checked her ID, found out who she was, identified her. The male suspect- or person of interest that was with her- then bolted and ran. So, the Marshals did capture him- they came on the scene, captured him a short time later in a wooded area sometime around 9 o clock last night.
    Reporter: What do you know about this couple?

    Kevin Rodriguez, neighbor: Him, I really don't know too much about. I mean, the couple times that i have seen him he's- he doesn't wave, say hi, say bye- he doesn't say anything. Her- she's come over here and talked to us a couple times, stuff like that but- I mean, she's a little weird but I mean- I would have never expected that.


    June 13th 2012 Video: Two suspects in Lockhart murder case in custody

    Ricky Adam: We know that they left the- the place of business with her. We'll let the evidence- you know, lead us to whether they're involved in the murder or not, but we know they were together.


    June 13th 2012 Video: Two suspects in Lockhart murder in custody

    Don Bass: What we're being advised at this time is he's wanted from North Carolina, Surry County for failure to register as a sex offender


    June 13th 2012 Raw Video: Margaret Sanchez returns to jail


    June 13th 2012 Extradition hearing continues Thursday for woman sought in death of Jaren Lockhart

    Earlier Wednesday afternoon, Sanchez appeared at the Tangipahoa Parish Courthouse in Amite for an extradition hearing, but was physically unable to complete the process because of her uncontrollable sobbing. Sanchez’s attorney said she was in no condition to sign the extradition paperwork, and that she requested to “speak with her father” before making any decisions or statements. Sanchez was returned to the Tangipahoa Parish Jail then, and her court hearing has been postponed until tomorrow, June 14.

    June 13th 2012 Video: Police search home in connection with Lockhart case


    June 13th 2012 Raw Video: Kenner police search area of home in Lockhart case


    June 13th 2012 Raw Video: Kenner police search home of two persons of interest in Lockhart case


    June 13th 2012 Police search home in connection with Lockhart case

    Mid-afternoon on Wednesday, Kenner police served a search warrant on a single-family home in the 2000 block of Connecticut Avenue, near Armstrong International Airport, where Speaks and Sanchez were believed to be living.

    Police dogs were part of the search.

    June 13th 2012 Video: Police search home in connection with Lockhart case

    Reporter: Neighbors say the couple was quiet, but their behavior odd. One woman says that Sanchez was gaunt and often appeared out of it.

    Mary Scott, neighbor: This is something that's been very dear to my heart because of the tragedy, you know, it's just unreal. And then to think- I could understand- from seeing what I used to see here, I could understand.


    June 13th 2012 Video: Neighbors describe living next to Lockhart suspects

    Reporter: Neighbors describe the couple who lived in this Kenner home as odd, that they were night owls and kept to themselves. But it's an incident that happened about a month ago that has one woman quite shaken. My story tonight contains adult content.

    Kevin Rodriguez, neighbor: It's pretty crazy to be happening right here in front the house like this.

    Reporter: Those living on Connecticut Ave in Kenner say their neighbors were strange, but never imagined they'd be suspects in a grizzly murder investigation.

    Reporter: Did you recognize them?

    Kevin Rodriguez: Yeah. As soon as I saw it on TV.

    Mary Scott, neighbor: It's just unreal.

    Reporter: But it's what happened a month ago that has one neighbor- who didn't want to show her face- shaking.

    Neighbor: About a month ago my little girl and her two friends came home and they said "Mom, this guy is playing with himself."

    Reporter: She says that man was Terry Speaks.

    Neighbor: Well, he was standing by the garbage can *inaudible* and I- so I came up and I started coming and he ran to the backyard.

    Reporter: Watching the horrific details unfurl on television has left her sick.

    Neighbor: I thought I had to have pictures to call the police. I didn't know. But let me tell you something- I wish I would have called the police now. That scares me to death. Really hurts my heart that I didn't do nothing about it. I should have done something about it. I really know that now in my heart.


    June 13th 2012 Video: Persons Of Interest In Dancer Murder No Stranger To Bourbon Street

    "She was a party girl," said Louis Goins as he worked the door of a French Quarter club Wednesday evening. Goins was talking about Margaret Sanchez, one of two persons of interest in the death of a Bourbon Street dancer whose dismembered body was found along the beach in Mississippi.

    "He was always the jealous type person. He had his mood swings like when guys talk to his girl. Every time she'd see me, I'd give her a hug, and you could just kind of see the look on his face," the performer said.

    June 13th 2012 Jaren Lockhart's family speaks out for the first time

    "It's been killing me for the lat few days. Everybody says be strong. But its hard to be strong," said Lockhart's mother, Donna. "It's like somebody ripped my heart out of my body."

    "I'm numb, just dead on the inside," said father, Pete Singer.

    For her brother Lance who she affectionately nicknamed Bubba, what's most haunting for him is that he couldn't be there for the little sister he says he protected all his life.

    "You know what is running through my head; that's what's running through my head. Bubba help me and I ain't there," said Lance.

    June 13th 2012 Videos: Jaren Lockhart's family speaks out


    June 13th 2012 Mother of Lockhart murder suspect defends her son


    June 13th 2012 Video: Mother of Lockhart murder suspect defends son

    Reporter: Deborah Johnson defends her son Terry Speaks all the way from Mount Airy, North Carolina which is his hometown. And she says he was a loving person who she can't believe is in this kind of trouble and she says she didn't even know he was in Louisiana until she got a phone call.

    Deborah Johnson: I said, "Well hey Chris," I said what's up, 'cause I hadn't talked to him in three months, he said "Momma, I'm up here in jail." I said "What they got you for?" he said "I'm a suspect in a murder case," and I said "Well did you do it?" and he said, "No." and I said "Well if you didn't do it, then you'll get out of it."

    Reporter: Johnson says her son had been traveling to find good work, and the last time she talked to him, was in San Diego.
    "I ain't never knew him to be in no trouble. He ain't the kind of guy that gets in trouble," said Johnson.


    June 13th 2012 Persons of interest now suspects in Jaren Lockhart's death

    The couple was arrested about 10 p.m. Tuesday in a traffic stop in Loranger, La. The vehicle, a 2001 Chevy Lumina, was seized for the collection of evidence.

    "They had gone to a function, or a party, at an establishment and investigators and marshals waited for them to exit, for safety reasons," Bass said. "Both of them gave officers wrong names and bad information, and Mr. Speaks attempted to flee, and was caught after a foot chase through a field."

    June 13th 2012 Hancock investigators believe murdered dancer Jaren Lockhart lured to after-hours party

    Police have arrested the couple seen leaving Temptations strip club with Lockhart when she got off work in the early hours of June 6: Terry Christopher Speaks, 39, and Margaret A. Sanchez, 28, who live in the suburb of Kenner.

    Lockhart's body began washing up on Mississippi shores, piece by piece, on June 7. Two dancers have told a Hancock County sheriff's investigator that Sanchez approached them, offering money if they would "work" a small party.

    "We believe they were recruiting someone to go off with them and they finally got one," said Glenn Grannan, chief investigator with the Hancock County Sheriff's Office.

    June 13th 2012 Couple in custody as police investigate murder

    "They are observed leaving with the victim and surveillance video in the area were able to follow them for a few blocks, so we know they stayed with the victim," Bass said. "We'd like to question them about what they know after they left the club and do they know the location the victim may have went to from there."

    June 13th 2012 Man in federal custody

    Federal prosecutors have asked to have Speaks held as a flight risk, Letten said.

    Both Speaks and Sanchez are listed with the same address in Kenner, and were booked into the Tangipahoa Parish jail — Sanchez on a charge of resisting an officer, and Speaks on a charge of aggravated assault and on fugitive warrants from North Carolina and Virginia.

    Speaks also has used the names Leslie Allen Rice or Leslie Allen Sanchez, Grannan said.

    June 14th 2012 Raw Video: Woman in Lockhart investigation appears in court


    June 14th 2012 Sanchez fights extradition in Lockhart slaying

    Investigators are working to process evidence in the case and keep Sanchez and Speaks in custody.

    Sanchez was advised by the defenders not to sign the extradition waiver and not to answer questions about the case. They want to know by next week, if not sooner, details of any effort or basis for the extradition.

    June 14th 2012 Bail set for woman fighting extradition in Lockhart investigation

    The woman arrested on unrelated charges who is under investigation in the disappearance and gruesome killing of a Mid-City woman appeared in court on Thursday.

    Her bail was set at $1,500.

    The hearing was over about 10 a.m. Sanchez was represented by two public defenders in Tangipahoa Parish. She did not waive extradition, meaning she is fighting to not go to Mississippi, where investigators want to interview her. Sanchez's lawyers said the information from Hancock County, Miss., was insufficient, and she shouldn't be required to be extradited.

    June 14th 2012 Video: Suspect in Lockhart murder refuses extradition to Mississippi

    Allen Harvey: We don't have any information. The district attorney's office here doesn't have any information as far as charges in Mississippi, so we can't advise our client to waive extradition to Mississippi until we find out what they have and what they want.

    Reporter: Sanchez public defender explains what will happen if charges are filed in Hancock County.

    Reggie McIntyre: They'll bring her back to court, if the state of Mississippi sends another- another- uh, warrant in to have her transferred to Mississippi.

    For Sanchez, it's been an emotional couple of days. In court Thursday, she displayed a much calmer demeanor than on Wednesday, when she cried uncontrollably.

    June 14th 2012 Video: Dancer says she was approached by suspects

    Reporter: Stilettos is right next door to Temptations on Bourbon Street and now an employee there says she was approached by the couple suspected in the dancer's death who worked at Temptations.

    Sheila Nand: Very freaked out- like, oh my gosh- those are the people that approached me.

    Reporter: Sheila Nand says while preforming inside Stilettos she got a generous offer.

    Sheila Nand: I was on stage and while I was on stage I was approached by a woman that asked me if I was- uh, another woman and she asked me if I wanted to go home with her and her boyfriend and I said I don't work outside of the club and then- uh, got off stage- they were still there.

    Reporter: The price offered Nand was 700 bucks. Nand identifies the couple as Margaret Sanchez and Terry Speaks. Both are suspects in the murder of 22 year old Jaren Lockhart. Nand describes Sanchez as being persistent during their encounter.

    Sheila Nand: And that's the fishy thing about it- when she approached me onstage she asked me if I wanted to go home with her and her boyfriend as a third party, as a gift to him, you know. And she's just looking at me like, so hungry- like, are you sure you don't want to do this?

    Reporter: She says there were other red flags.

    Sheila Nand: She changed the story on me and said, you know, do I want to go to a private party with her? You know, "it would be safe, it was only going to take a short amount of time"- there was a bouncer which would be her boyfriend there- you know, it's was all good.

    Reporter: A manager here at Stilettos who didn't want to go on camera did confirm to us that Speaks did work here for less than a year. He said he seemed like a nice guy and he had been gone for about two months.

    Sheila Nand: He's always portrayed himself as a really sweet guy, very shy.


    June 14th 2012 Hancock County Deputy Don Bass said they are checking out Nand's story about encountering the suspects in the French Quarter.

    June 14th 2012 Video: Suspects may have been targeting strip club dancers

    Reporter: Though neither have been charged, investigators now believe the two suspects Terry Speaks and Margaret Sanchez tried to lure other Bourbon Street dancers to their home that same night Jaren Lockhart left club Temptations with the couple.

    Glenn Grannan: Both girls were asked to come- you know, join them in maybe- um, like- a threesome or- and then they changed it to a party- you know, where they would make- you know, 700 - 800 dollars, something to entice them to go.

    Reporter: Hancock County investigator Glenn Grannan talks to two women who say Margaret Sanchez and Terry Speaks tried to lure them home.

    Glenn Grannan: Both girls thought the- our female suspect was somewhat freaky- as they described it and they didn't feel comfortable so they declined it. And, I guess they eventually found someone to go.

    Reporter: That someone, Grannan says, was 22 year old Jaren Lockhart.

    Glenn Grannan: We have witnesses stating that Jaren asked to leave work early so she could go make some extra money at a party. So, we believe that's- she was enticed to go with the hope that she would make some extra money.

    Reporter: Surveillance video shows Lockhart leaving Temptations early Wednesday morning with both Speaks and Sanchez. Since apprehending the two, investigators have spent hours interviewing the couple about what happened that night.

    Glenn Grannan: She was very agitated, very excitable, you know. She was, of course, upset, you know. Um- it appeared maybe she was, you know- even under the influence of something.

    He would speak about anything you wanted to speak about unless you wanted to speak about this. You know, he referred to his attorney. We didn't obtain any confessions, but we learned a lot of information.

    Reporter: While they are considered primary suspects, investigators have not ruled out others.

    Glenn Grannan: They are our primary suspects and, uh- you know, they're- they are because their actions in this time period- is so many elements that can't be explained by us or them.


    June 14th 2012 Video: Investigator trying to determine where Jaren Lockhart was murdered

    Don Bass: We have not ruled out that this could have occurred in another jurisdiction.

    Reporter: Hancock County investigators have been gathering evidence over two states for a week now- and the question remains, exactly where was Jaren Lockhart murdered and dismembered?

    Don Bass: We are presently focused on a residence in Kenner. 2029 Connecticut Ave if I'm correct. That was the residence of the suspects- the two suspects. A search warrant was executed there by both Kenner with the aid of Hancock County. Every jurisdiction has to file for their own search warrants.

    Reporter: Chief Deputy Don Bass wouldn't say what type of evidence was found in the house, but that evidence is being processed at a Louisiana crime lab. As is evidence collected in the car the two suspects were driving.

    Don Bass: Sure to focus on any and all evidence that would pertain to a homicide. I mean, blood spatter- pieces of clothing, it could be anything. DNA evidence, they meticulously went through this residence and I'm sure they're doing the same with the car.

    Reporter: The sheriff's department has 8 investigators working on this case who have logged more than 500 man hours.

    Don Bass: We're pooling all our resources in the Hancock County Sheriff's office to get the job done here.

    Reporter: They've also turned to oceanographers from Mississippi State University for help in trying to determine exactly where Jaren Lockhart's body parts were dumped in the water.

    Don Bass: They're putting together a model, a map. A scenario based on wind conditions, tide conditions, currant conditions for this avenue of time that we're looking through. When that data is complied, hopefully with some scientific data here we'll pinpoint possibly- possibly- and I use that term twice- a location of where these body parts may have been disposed of.


    June 14th 2012 Authorities checking with Miss. coast business for break in Lockhart case

    Authorities in Hancock County, Miss., are going to businesses along the coast working to get a break in the case of the gruesome death of a Bourbon Street dancer.

    June 14th 2012 Video: Supporters hold vigil for Jaren Lockhart

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    I have been thinking of the infamous Ken and Barbie killers in relation to TS and MAS possible role models, but I think they more closely resemble Ian Brady and Myra Hyndley Moors murders - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Official: Hunting knife may be murder weapon in Lockhart killing-
    Read more here: http://www.sunherald.com/2012/06/16/...#storylink=cpy

    Jaren Lockhart murder suspect has a substantial criminal history -

    USM Marine Science Dept. assists in murder investigation -

    Friends, family remember Lockhart with candlelight vigil -

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    Arrow Updated Timeline of Jaren Lockhart's Disappearance

    Timeline with a few new details added or edited..

    Tuesday June 5-
    8pm -
    This is the last time that Jaren's boyfriend sees her. She leaves the Capri Motel in 2400 block of Tulane Ave in a cab which delivers her to her place of employment, Temptation's in the 300 block of Bourbon Street.

    -According to HCSO(Harrison Co. Sheriffs Office, MS) , Grannan states that they know she made it to work and was there throughout the remaining late night hours of Tuesday(6/5) and into the early morning hours of Wednesday(6/6) . Grannan states they know the exact time that Jaren left her place of employment early morning hours of Wednesday(6/6) and that Temptations video surveillance also shows Jaren leaving the club with an unidentified man and woman. According to Grannan Jaren left with people "who are not known to everyone".

    Tuesday June 5 late night/Wednesday June 6 early morning hours-
    some point prior to 1:47am-Before Speaks/Sanchez entered Temptations at 1:47am, Wednesday June 6, they were next door at the club Stilettos with seeming the same agenda on their mind.. that agenda according to MAS, herself was to bring home one of the girls from the club as a "treat" for her significant other, Speaks. Sheila Nand was heavily pursued by MAS that night while working her shift at Stilettos..she says MAS appeared to be hungry and desperate to have Nand agree to accompany the couple home for a private party. MAS told Nand that she reminded her of a girl that they had taken home with them before.. Nand declined but MAS continued to pursue even at one point offering a completely different reason for Nand to leave the club with them and going to work an unexplained event across town and that they would pay Nand $700 .. Nand declined and says she was unsure of what it was exactly that these two were up to.. when Nand declined the final time when MAS was waiting outside of Nands dressing room, she says at that point MAS returned to Speaks and the two left out of the Stilettos club..

    the couple then entered into Temptations club next door(as seen on surveillance footage) ..it was now 1:47am and the couple stayed in Temptations for only 17 minutes

    Between 1:47am-2:05am-
    Jaren is overheard asking to leave early from her shift that was due to end at 3:00am, so that she could go and make some extra cash(according to Detective Grannan they are not certain what job was offered to Jaren to make the extra cash in those early morning hours)

    On surveillance video Jaren Lockhart is seen leaving the club with Speaks/Sanchez. The 3 walked 3blocks and then were seen rounding the corner of the 3rd block believed to be en route to MAS car which she is known to park off of the 100-200 block of Bourbon Street. . rounding the corner the 3 of them are seen for the last time on available business video surveillance footage a little before 2:30am of that early morning of Wednesday June 6. Jaren Lockhart is never seen again.
    **We now know of 2 females that were approached and propositioned by Sanchez/Speaks that very same night, Tuesday June 5/June 6 early morning hours that Jaren was last seen leaving the club with Speaks/Sanchez

    +/-2:30am- According to LE it is not only Jaren that is not seen after the video shows the 3 turning the corner off of Bourbon Street at 2:30am Wednesday June 6, but also Speaks and Sanchez were unable to be located. After LE released the footage clearly showing it was Speaks/Sanchez that left the club with Jaren they stated that the couple was well aware that LE were looking to speak with them and that for whatever reason they were choosing not to do so.. less than 24hours after the surveillance footage was publicly released NOPD along with US Marshal's arrested the two and took them into custody where they remain.

    Wednesday June 6-
    <specific time unknown>
    When Jaren's boyfriend grew increasingly concerned due to the fact that he could not establish contact with her.. its at that time that he went to NOPD and an official Missing Person's Report was filed for Jaren Lockhart.

    Thursday June 7-

    Cleaning crews dredging along the beach in Bay St. Louis, MS found a woman's torso. Coroner, Faulk stated the torso was from age 15-22yoa female, it had 3 piercings(2 chest, 1 navel) and that especially the navel piercing was of importance due to it being distinct. It was a long chain, with a long triangle shape with rhinestones on the bottom of it. Faulk stated that their was one stab wound to the chest of the torso.

    -Coincidentally(or not) on this same day MAS deletes/removes her entire Facebook account from the WWW.

    Friday June 8-
    <tho publicly not identifying the torso IMO the details below prove that LE already knew full well this was Jaren>
    According to HCSO(Harrison Co. Sheriffs Office, MS) Grannan says that by Friday they had joined forces with NOPD and together investigators spent all of Friday and that night interviewing "witnesses" as well as those close to Jaren. In fact it was at this early point that investigators knew the exact time Jaren was last seen leaving her job.. as well as investigators had already viewed Temptations video surveillance and seen that Jaren left the club accompanied by a man and a woman. Grannan said that these 2 individuals seen leaving with Jaren were "not known to everyone".
    **now known the 2 individuals seen leaving the club with Jaren were Terry Speaks and Margaret Sanchez

    Saturday June 9-
    calf washed ashore on the Beach in Pass Christian in front of Emerald Avenue

    7:30am- thigh was found in front of Holiday Drive in Pass Christian

    Just shy of 8am- head was found on the beach by Picture Point in Long Beach.

    11:00am- calf was located floating in the water in the harbor at Pass Christian.

    Harrison Co. and Hancock Co. Sheriff Office's mobilized a search which recovered the head and pieces of limbs..this further verifying the remains to be those of 22 year old, Jaren Lockhart of New Orleans, LA due to the limbs and head matching up with the torso and identifying the known tattoos and piercings of Jaren.
    They are going to continue with the DNA matching process, but are already in the phase of identifying those responsible for Jaren's murder.
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    Suspect in Jaren Lockhart murder moved to mental hospital -

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    Jaren Lockhart Murder: Suspect Margaret Sanchez faces new charges for harboring sex offender Terry Speaks-

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    Lockhart funeral set for tonight
    Visitation at 5 p.m.; Service to follow

    Read more: http://www.wdsu.com/news/local-news/...#ixzz1yR20J8g3


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    Evidence in murder of Bourbon St. dancer moved to FBI -

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    Suspect in Jaren Lockhart killing and dismemberment is extradited to face sex charge-

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    June 14, 2012
    Suspect might have lured dancer to private party

    "We have witnesses stating they heard Jaren ask to leave work early so she could go make some extra money on a party, so we believe she was enticed to go with the hope she would make some extra money," Grannan said.

    July 18, 2012

    Investigators track down phone records...
    Investigators say leads are still coming in, but not as many as the weeks after Lockhart's dismembered body washed up in South Mississippi. One of those leads is phone records. They're focusing on several days before and after June 6, the day the New Orleans woman disappeared.

    June 28, 2012
    Another dancer says she was approached by suspects...
    FOX 8 legal analyst Joe Raspanti said the case offers a tangle of jurisdiction issues.
    "They gotta figure out where this young lady was killed, that's the main thing," Raspanti stated.

    Another question Raspanti said must be answered is whether the victim was kidnapped from New Orleans.
    "Where ever the murder occurred, you can bet that that's where the prosecution is going to start and finish," he said.
    June 13, 3012
    Suspect in Jaren Lockhart murder ordered back to N.C...
    "We got a call yesterday evening that they were at a little party at a Loranger restaurant," Adam said. "When they left the party, Tangipahoa Parish deputies made a traffic stop on them."
    Adam said agents from the U.S. Marshals Service assisted.

    At the traffic stop, Speaks "bolted and ran," Adam said. "The marshals ended up capturing him in the woods some time later."[/quote][quote]Hancock investigators questioned both subjects from about 9 p.m. Tuesday "until some time this morning," Adam said.
    "They got home about 5:30 this morning, they slept about four hours, and then they came back to work."

    June 13, 2012
    Surry County fugitive arrested; linked to dismemberment.
    Man listed as absconder since September 2011
    Speaks' criminal record in North Carolina dates back to 1995.

    Surry County deputies couldn't find Speaks for nearly a year until he was found in San Diego, Calif., in February 2006. Speaks was charged with failure to register as a sex offender, a probation violation and fraud and was in prison until January 2009, department of corrections officials said.

    July 15, 2012
    According to Detective Buck Turner of the Surry County Sheriff's Office, Speaks was convicted of the indecent liberties with a minor charge on May 3, 2003. Speaks was in prison until 2005. It was then that he failed to register as a sex offender. Turner said Speaks was not from Surry County, but had moved here when the offense occurred.

    June 16, 2012
    Surry County man wanted in stripper's death will return to NC
    By: John Hinton | Winston-Salem Journal

    "Our last listed address for him was at 132 Spruce Lane, Mount Airy," Atkinson said in a statement. "But he moved from there last September."

    April 2009
    Sex Offender is Arrested
    ...arrested convicted sex offender Terry Christopher Speaks of 313 West Main Street, Pilot Mountain.

    May 07, 2014
    Source: Arrest made in Jaren Lockhart investigation_
    KENNER, LA - Margaret Sanchez, a woman previously identified in connection with the murder of Jaren Lockhart, was arrested Wednesday morning and is expected to be charged with a count of second-degree murder, a source close to the investigation told the WDSU I-Team.
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    Woman in dancer-death case still in custody-

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    Jaren Lockhart Murder Suspects Stayed, Dyed Hair at Metairie Home Hours Before Arrest -


    Cops In Jaren Lockhart Murder Probe asking Network for all Margaret Sanchez Video and Interviews-


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    Investigators track down phone records in Lockhart murder case-

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    Authorities releasing woman linked to Jaren Lockhart murder case-

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