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    PM David Cameron & wife Samantha forget daughter Nancy, 8, and leave her at a pub

    UK PM Cameron leaves 8-year-old daughter in pub (AP)
    British Prime Minister David Cameron's office confirmed Monday that he accidentally left his 8-year-old daughter Nancy in a country pub after a Sunday afternoon visit.
    On the popular British parenting website Mumsnet, some people said the mistake was "easily done" while others wondered why the Camerons had not kept a closer watch on their young daughter.
    Nancy had gone to the bathroom while Cameron and the rest of the family piled into two cars to drive back to the house west of London.
    and....then what happened?
    Nancy was separated from her parents for around 15 minutes until Cameron arrived to collect her from The Plough in the village of Cadsden, she added.

    The spokeswoman said Cameron and his wife took responsibility for the incident. "They are their children and they take responsibility for them," she said. "No one is going to face disciplinary action. This was an error."

    She explained that Cameron and his wife had visited the pub with a group of friends and their children for drinks.
    "The prime minister is a very busy man, but he always tries to live as normal a life as possible with his family."
    So forgetting one's daughter and leaving her at a pub must be the done thing amongst this set?

    much more at link above

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    If he were't the PM, I wonder if he would have been cited/fined or ordered to parenting classes???

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    sounds like theyre human LOL

    i got left in a grocery store by mistake when i was 9. poor auntie almost had a stroke when she realized it.

    doubt it has anything to do with who he is, could happen to anybody, criminee

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    My sister has 11 children. One time she went shopping with her kids and accidentally left one of the younger ones at the store. Halfway home she noticed that a child was missing. She rushed back to the store to find her little one happily arranging the candy display on the store shelf.

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    It's sad and potentially dangerous anytime a child is left behind/forgotten, IMO. Glad it turned out ok. As PM, they are probably more people that could mean him or his family harm.

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