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    FL - John Harden, 32, Clermont, 22 March 1975

    I heard of this case in the show Unsolved Mysteries.

    John Harden was a Clermont, Florida man who was divorced and on his second marriage and had a child. In the early morning of March 22, 1975, he smelled smoke and saw his truck on fire. As he comes out, he is shot with a 20 gauge shotgun by a person hiding somewhere within the house. The phone line was also cut to prevent emergency calls.

    The house is haunted. A woman named June Farris has dreams of the house before she moved in. The house she dreamed of, she would later move in 1978. The same home where John Harden was killed.

    Unsolved Mysteries Wiki-John Harden

    Unsolved Mysteries Wiki-Harden House

    Tv Show Tells Tale But Murder Still A Mystery

    Reliving history through the pages of the South Lake Press

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    This story is told continuously as a man named John Harden having been murdered outside his house in Clermont, Florida, which triggered a woman in Richmond, Virginia named June Farris to have dreams about it "years later".

    So, ok, pay attention... June Farris did not allegedly have the dream years later. She allegedly had the dream years earlier. John Harden was murdered in 1975. Farris allegedly had her dreams about the house and the event as early as 1968, seven years before the murder. She claims to have ceased having the dream in 1972 (three years before the murder) when she moved to Orlando, 22 miles (35 km) east of Clermont. She claims to have first encountered the house "two years later", which, if taken literally, obviously puts the year at 1974, still before Harden's death. If you watch the Unsolved Mysteries segment it shows the house as unoccupied and ready for purchase. Did soon to be murdered John Harden buy the house at this time?

    Finally, in 1978, four years after seeing the house for the first time, and three years after Harden's murder, Harris and family move in... Weird things allegedly happen. Farris surmises she, since 1968, had been given the task to solve the 1975 murder. The paranormal forces that allegedly influenced June, were not able to stop Harden from being murdered. As of 2017 Harden's murder is still unsolved, and June herself has joined Harden in eternal oblivion.
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