Scythe-wielding 'lunatic' forced birdwatcher to kneel and said he was going to chop his limbs off in terrorist-style execution (Daily Mail)
Scott Cullen, 22, had set up his camera to photograph woodpeckers in the Welsh countryside when he was confronted by angry local Leslie Bickley.

Bickley, 63, accused him of being a prowler and pulled out the garden scythe from under his coat.

A jury heard Bickley then made Mr Cullen kneel like in a 'terrorist execution'.
Wait. What?
Prosecutor Ieuan Morris said: 'Bickley frightened the life out of a young man who was doing nothing more than taking photographs.

'He produced a hand scythe, commanding Mr Cullen to get on his knees and threatening to chop off his limbs.

The court heard retired builder Bickley, who has previous convictions for violence, lived close to the woods where Mr Cullen was birdwatching.
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