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    FL - Sun City Center, WhtMale 501UMFL, 55-65, near golf course, Feb'02

    http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/501umfl.html (more photos at link.)

    The victim was located on February 15, 2002, in the Underbrush near the 9th green of Caloosa Country Club. He is believed to have been homeless. There were signs of a vagrant camp nearby.
    Estimated age: 55 - 65 years old
    Approximate Height and Weight: 5'8"; weight unknown
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Brown hair. Evidence of old (healed) facial trauma near the right eye.
    Dentals: All teeth missing well prior to death.

    Please compare to: Leslie Raymond Ritchey
    LKA: April 01,1993
    Age LKA 56
    Height: 68.0
    Weight: 150.0
    Leslie was last seen in the 40 block of Main St in Akron Ohio. At the time, he was homeless. He normally contacts a relative in Pennsylvania or Florida, but has not done this. At the time of his disappearance, Leslie was suffering from severe memory loss. Leslie has an artificial left eye. Leslie wears dentures.

    The eye trauma is in the wrong eye on the UID I realize now, but will post this anyway. This is my first one to suggest, so welcome all comments.
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    One of your links is a Jane Doe.

    Here is the correct link for LRR.

    The MP has dentures, the UID has no teeth so it could match. It is conceivable to me that an accident that left someone with an artificial left eye could have caused skeletal damage near the other eye as well. Given that there is nearly 10 years between the LKA date and the estimated date of death he could have acquired additional injuries after he disappeared (but then so could everybody else). It doesn't look like they found an artificial eye near the remains but it's possible he didn't have it on when he died or maybe the remains were scattered enough that they didn't find everything. LRR has a relative in Florida so that might explain how he ended up from Ohio to Florida. It's a bit difficult to compare facial resemblance between a photo in which he is presumably wearing dentures and toothless sketches of the UID.

    The UID is in Codis but LRR has no DNA sample at the time so they would have to get that in order to rule it in or out, unless LRR has some unlisted skeletal findings they definitely didn't find in the UID.

    Edit: does anyone know why LRR's Charley link has been removed? Some forums and Charley January 2009 updates page link to http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/...ey_leslie.html but that page does not exist.
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    Thanks Donjeta for correcting the link and sharing your thoughts. I see I also left out the Sr. to his name. He is Leslie Raymond Ritchey, Sr.

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    Bobby Clyatt bears a strong resemblance, IMO. He had a scar beside his right eye, which indicates some sort of injury. Not necessarily a fracture, though. He also had a deformity of the left ankle. I'm sure the ME would have picked up on that. And the hair color is off. So, probably not, but a strong resemblance anyway.
    Linda Lunsford, missing since December 26, 1996

    April Pickens, missing since December 26, 2011

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    somewhere in the cornfields of illinois
    height's a little off but I think he resembles him....


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