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    The Extradition

    Someone yesterday posted an article from National Post (?) have to go to work or I would find it. Few things since I won't be able to post rest of day:
    1.Article said way L.M. was brought back to Canada was unprecedented and probably illegal under international law that the correct extradition process as not followed.

    2. But IMO Canada could not leave him in Germany though had to get in home could not take risk he would talk.

    3. IMO I think much more chance of him being found criminally not responsible they do not like what he is going to say, who he says he has links to (for example has slept with and if there are other government contacts say as an informant).

    4. I don't believe (entirely) the story about Quebec wanting to avoid a media circus. Slightly exaggerating here to make my point but it is like LM is being internally renditioned and sent into a black prison. They won't be able to allow him to talk.

    5. Don't forget the "pull" factor of the psychiatric establishment which will want to get their hooks in him for study and, if I am right and he is "the man who knows too much" they will have to blast that out of him as well.

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