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    Quote Originally Posted by deca View Post
    Not sure where to post this.

    I am not terribly familiar with this case so please forgive me if I come off like a dunce.

    So when Luka went down to Arizona, does anyone know how he got down there? Did he fly or drive?

    There was a murder in Oregon (off the I-5 freeway which runs N and S through the US) in Nov 2011 where a person was nearly decapitated. There were no clues as to who could have committed this murder. The victim didn't have any kind of risky lifestyle: he was just walking home from work. LE isn't sure or hasn't released the murder weapon but talk is that it might have been a sword or similar tool.

    The reason I think it is a stretch that it was Luka is that there is no indication that he was in OR, and he seemed to like to publicize what he did on the internet.

    So I guess what I am trying to ask you all, what to do think about this possibility of this? TIA
    I think that deep in our minds we want to link Luka to all these crimes because that would mean the perp is now behind bars, and we are all safe(r). Unfortunately, there are way too many creeps out there committing these sick crimes. It's a pretty sad state of affairs.

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    Okay, I've been lurking here for quite some time and have no idea where to post this...? Does anyone have any info on LRM's whereabouts during 2009? The reason I'm wondering is bc a woman went missing in my neighborhood in 2009 and I can't shake the feeling that LRM is somehow connected.

    The woman was apparently a sex trade worker who (as the papers & LE put) "lived a high-risk lifestyle". I remember her because she just kind of appeared in my neighborhood and she stuck out like a sore thumb bc my area is just not shady like that if you kwim. It lasted probably several weeks where I'd see her walking along the sidewalk always at kind of the same section of sidewalk/road. Then, she just kind of left as oddly as she appeared, like nothing.

    One day in particular though, I recall walking home up the sidewalk I would typically see her on, and I passed a black Jeep/Jimmy (I think it was a pickup, not 100% but about 80% lol sry). There was this guy sitting in it, and I could feel him kind of watching me, it was the most disturbing feeling I've ever gotten from a guy looking at me. It wasn't a "dirty, undressing you" feeling, it was like I could feel this person imagining me in a scary way.

    The reason I even noticed him was bc he slightly resembled my friend, only this guy was scarier and had a "Bert" (from Bert and Ernie) kinda hairdo & eyebrow thing going on (LRM anyone?). (also, looked like the pic of LRM w major brows in a white longsleeve, sitting next to a vase of tulips on a couch)

    I felt so uncomfortable that I still recall telling myself to get home like n.o.w, and as I picked up the pace, the mystery woman comes up saying "Oh hey" to the driver of the Jeep, and I can only assume she got in and they left... I didn't turn around to find out.

    I also read in one of the threads here, someone posted something about being paranoid about thinking LRM was her neighbor, and that the cops came to investigate but thought she was nuts. She said she thought her & her husband had seen the *same missing woman* help a man and his "nephew" move into the townhouse next to her. That the man who lived there kept odd hours. The newspaper article describes the owner of the townhouse as a late 40's male with white hair, driving a BMW. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE NEPHEW??? Could it have been LRM?

    I swear to the everything that is good and right in the world that I have seen LRM here in my town. That pic of him in the red "Russia" jacket w the newsboy cap, is also eerily familiar to me...

    I just don't know of any dates to link him to where I live, the pics are never timestamped and the timeline here doesn't outline where he lived in 2009-2010. I'm extremely sorry for the length of this post!!!! I have been holding this all in for months bc I felt I was making false memories but I can't ignore it anymore, esp now with the "Parts Case" in T.O.

    For reference, I am in London Ontario which is only 2 hours away from T.O and not far from where LRM grew up. **Missing womans' name: Kathryn Patricia Bordato**

    *again, I'm sorry this was so long*
    Last edited by whiterhino; 08-22-2012 at 11:38 AM. Reason: added name of missing woman & apologized for length of post

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    While it doesn't technically qualify as a crime, it is a crime of casting:
    I hate to admit it but I recently watched one of Magnotta's adult entertainment scenes; if I didn't have knowledge of the crimes he Is accused or hadn't viewed the infamous video of Magnotta committing unspeakable acts, based solely on seeing him in this very vanilla porn video I would think he is one of the creepiest people on the planet who is void of emotion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sillybilly View Post
    Started a thread for the unsolved murder of Edgar Espiritu Leonardo. There is not a lot of info, but a possible connection to Magnotta is interesting.


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