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    re: joecoolstar

    there are posts on the habblo forum that joecoolstar left a suicide note the date he disappeared. Also, found it interesting that joecoolstar's habblo profile shows the last activity on his account was 8-11-2011 at 2:54 a.m.


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    EDIT: Apparently someone logged into his account saying he was a friend of Joe's - asking if anyone had info. Doesn't appear to be anything....
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    Does anyone know where (or if it's even possible) to find a timeline of photos? Meaning, where can I find pictures of LRM based on years? Sorry if that sounds strange.

    What I'm after is to see what he may have looked like around 2009. I swear on my life he was in my city and very close to my neighbourhood at that time. The guy I saw looked like LRM during his "Bert and Ernie" eyebrows phase, when he had the spikey short black hair? (there's a pic of him sitting on a couch next to some tulips in a white shirt?)

    The Naked News interview he did was from 2007 where he was obviously in Toronto at the time (2 hrs from my city). He had a similar look in that interview to the Bert and Ernie look I'm referring to, (brows and hair) but appears to weigh more than when I think I saw him in 2009. To me, giving that interview was an indicator that he was becoming more flamboyant and "turning".

    It would also fit the theory of him going into a downward spiral in the last few years. From the interview in 2007 to what I think I saw in 2009, he lost weight and was also prob losing $$. Maybe he left T.O and came to my city bc it's close and he'd run out of luck there?

    A woman went missing from my area around this time and was suspected to be a prostitute and drug addict. I can't help but shake this feeling that it was him I saw and that he is connected to the missing woman. The feeling, it's one of "those feelings".

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