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    I found it. Its from a news article in german.
    This media source is highly questionable though, most of what they write are sensationalist speculations...

    Basically, the article says that LM stayed with a carer for the elderly (50 years old), when he was in Berlin. He stayed at his place in Neukölln for 4 days. They met via a online housing agency. In the interview, the man says that LM slept in the same bed as him and that he had no idea that this guy was a killer. LM wore a wig, when he first came to the man's place. The man could only speak german, so they had problems communicating.
    LM didnt want to go outside much, he stayed inside most of the time. That seemed a bit strange to the man, who thought LM was a tourist. On the 4th day, the man sent him to a internet cafe, because he didnt want to leave him at his home alone. Only then he saw in a newspaper that LM was wanted for murder and called the police.


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    That ring is just a plain band.. identical to rings worn by hundreds of millions of other people. I would estimate that over 90% of males wearing rings have rings that look just like that. Good going Sherlock!

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