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I'm not sure if linking to it would be considered a no-no. It's a public profile, so I'm thinking it's okay...if not, please feel free to snip this mods:


Caution: There is a bit of nudity in one of the albums. Nothing pornographic or hardcore or anything (and not of JL), but it's there.
Thank you,I haven't seen it either.I'm very impressed with the last album,there are some of the most beautiful,artistic and interesting photographs I've ever seen.I wonder if it's just a collection or if Jun took any of them himself? ...and has he traveled to all of those places?
He seemed to have been such an intelligent,amazing person ....and yes,mixed in with a lot of naivety,why did he have to run into that *****creep ?
But seeing those photographs I'm almost sure the connection was about photography,maybe he went to Luka's to shoot him like the other guy did?