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    WA - Gregory O'Neall for child pornography, Des Moines, 2012

    Warning this chat between a freak show and the law is sickening.

    Gregory Sean O'Neall is an RSO out of Texas who moved to Washington State. He got himself a job as a food sample person at Costco. Costco according to the one he was working at does not hire sex offenders. Well, uhhhhhhh he slipped through the cracks and proceeded to photograph young girls at the store. Over 100 photographs in Costco alone.

    How did he get busted? Online chat and child pornography of course. Again it's sickening. I got sick to my stomach reading it. More because this POS had photos of friends kids fully clothed, and of the neighbors grandaughter who comes over to play with his dog.


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    Costco hires its food samplers through a 3rd party company. I know this for a fact, because our niece is one, and she had to pass a background check for the job.
    Also, if he was working making/handing out food samples, when did he have the time to photograph children??
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    Glad that this perv has been busted. Hope he stays out of commission forever. This bothers me because I thought all food samplers were hired by a third party, and none work directly for Costco. I love Costco, it is my favorite place to shop, and I hate to think that some creep like this might be smiling/lurking behind a food display. That happened in a different state, but still....My 8-year-old grandaughter loves going there for all the food samples.

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    my 8 year old loves the samples too, and how easy it is for me to let her go up to one and me, while watching, not being right next to her like the rest of our shopping trip. I hate these stories...start giving a little leeway here and there!

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    A Des Moines, Washington, man was sentenced this afternoon in U.S. District Court in Seattle to ten years in prison for possession of child pornography, announced U.S. Attorney Jenny A. Durkan. GREGORY SEAN O’NEALL, 51, a convicted sex offender originally from Houston, Texas, was arrested in June 2012. He pleaded guilty in September 2012.

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    January 2013:

    In a letter to the court, O’Neall’s wife of 14 years attempted to cast the 51-year-old as the victim of his own worst impulses.

    “Sean is not the type of person who would knowingly harm another person,” she told the court. “I don’t think he understood at the time that his actions were harming others.”...

    Assistant U.S. Attorney Jerrod C. Patterson argued O’Neall collected and shared some of the most violent child pornography on the Internet.

    “Even by the standards of other pedophiles, the defendant was interested in child pornography depicting children being sadistically brutalized,” the federal prosecutor told the court, noting that O’Neall admitted to molesting at least one child.

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    I do not believe that an every day employment background check will necessarily show up an RSO. I do not believe the systems set up for TWO registries speak to all other computer systems. You have to go on state RSO websites with all previous or current addresses and search. That requires a real live person to think and enter the necessary info. These $15-$50 a month services for all your background needs do not provide that. IMO.
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