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View Poll Results: Do you think Darlie premeditated the murders of Devon and Damon?

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  • Yes she had been thinking about killing them for some time

    110 48.03%
  • No she just snapped and killed them

    35 15.28%
  • No, Darlie is innocent

    36 15.72%
  • No, Darin is the real killer

    4 1.75%
  • She had fantasized about it for awhile. The events earlier in the night brought her fantasy to reality.

    22 9.61%
  • Yes, but not for a long period of time.

    22 9.61%

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    Based on her suicidal tendencies and post-partum depression, I suspect she had visualized killing herself AND her kids prior to the event. But I don't necessarily think she'd "planned" it down to the last detail or anything. They probably staged the scene in a panic before calling 911, at which point the clock started ticking on the "official timeline of events".

    Stabbing is a very violent and personal method of killing, whether we're talking suicide or murder. I had a great grandma who slit her own throat in a suicide attempt, so I guess anything's possible. But it just seems like Darlie would've shot, drowned, poisoned or done something else to the kids and herself if the event had been well planned-out in advance. I suspect she had visualized it previously and then just snapped that night for some unknown reason (sort of like how Diane Schuler "snapped" that day on the highway).

    But I'm not opposed to the idea of Darin helping or doing it all on his own either. In fact I'm fairly certain that if Darlie was involved, so was Darin.

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    DNA confirms her guilt:
    Darin knew what she had done the second he saw the boys:
    In an update to her case, Darlie and her attorneys have conceded that she is the only possible killer, as noted by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals on May 21, 2003. A request for retesting forestic evidence was granted on June 18, 2008. During the Summer 2014 a judge ordered for more forensic testing again. That testing was completed in June of 2015. Only unidentified thing is a smudged finger print that is Darlies size, just too smudged to id.

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    I wrote to Darlie about 10 years ago after watching one of the crime shows. I thought that how the show portrayed her was very biased. I can't say that the silly string video meant anything one way or the other. After reading her letter I am convinced she is guilty. The whole letter was about herself and getting out of prison. She wanted help raising money. She wanted help with publicity. She mentioned her sons once but only to say she "did not kill my babies". Her main focus was bashing the police and spreading the word so she could be released. Just my opinion but if I was wrongly convicted of killing my children YES I would want to be released.....but my main frustration would be that they didn't find the people who took away my babies.

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