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    Canada - Lorna Blacksmith, 18, Winnipeg, 11 Jan 2012

    Missing teen's family stays vigilant

    The safe return of Dominic and Abby Maryk last weekend was the best possible outcome anyone could have hoped for.

    Sadly, for every family that has its prayers answered, there are countless others left wondering whether they’ll ever see their missing loved ones again.

    It’s a feeling family and friends of Lorna Blacksmith know all too well. Nearly five months after she disappeared in Winnipeg, some of the people who love her admit it’s sometimes difficult maintaining hope they’ll see her alive again.

    More: http://www.winnipegsun.com/2012/06/0...stays-vigilant
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    Woman, 18, missing for a month
    Feb 2012

    The head of a northern Manitoba reserve is pleading for tips on the whereabouts of a young woman who has been missing for nearly a month.

    More: http://www.winnipegsun.com/2012/02/0...ng-for-a-month

    Two months, no sign of Lorna

    March 2012


    Nearly two weeks later, city cops made a plea for tips on her whereabouts and issued the following description of her: Metis, about 5-foot-4, 110 pounds, with medium-length blond hair and grey/hazel eyes. She was last seen wearing black pants, a white hooded sweater, a red bomber-style jacket and white boots.

    On Monday, police said they have that she may be in Alberta, either Calgary, Lethbridge or Red Deer and officers are "concerned for Blacksmith's well-being."

    More: http://www.winnipegsun.com/2012/03/1...-sign-of-lorna

    Winnipeg police continue to search for missing girl Lorna Blacksmith
    May 2012

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    up north


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    CANADA - Shawn Cameron Lamb, Suspected SK Caught in Winnipeg MB

    Developing story out of Winnipeg, finally an arrest in the disappearances and deaths of local Aboriginal women. The suspect has an extensive record and seems to have accelerated his behaviour in the past year. The disappearance of these and other women has been a flashpoint issue for some time now in the city and in Western Canada more generally. Story and links follow.

    A Canadian drifter with an extensive criminal background is now accused of becoming a Winnipeg serial killer.

    Shawn Cameron Lamb, 52, has been charged with three counts of second-degree murder for the deaths of Tanya Nepinak, Carolyn Sinclair, and Lorna Blacksmith, police announced Monday morning. Police are also investigating whether the accused could be involved in other unsolved cases of murdered or missing women, the source says.

    All three women worked in the city’s sex-trade industry. Police said the bodies of Sinclair and Blacksmith have been located – reportedly in dumpsters and wrapped in plastic – while the search for Nepinak’s remains is ongoing.


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    More details emerging this morning -- looks like Lamb is being looked at for other unsolved murders, especially of at-risk Aboriginal women, right across the country. Several women are already reporting that they came forward and reported Lamb to the police over the past year -- and heard nothing afterwards. I think this is likely to play out quite a bit like Pickton in Vancouver, though with the added sting that the lessons that ought to have been learned from that horror might not have been learned well enough.


    McCaskill said it's irrelevant how the murdered women made a living.
    "They are victims and they should never have been," McCaskill said.
    He said Lamb, who is originally from Sarnia, Ont., has travelled extensively across the country and investigators will be in contact with other police agencies to see if he is connected with any unsolved homicides in other communities.
    A man who identified himself as Lamb's stepbrother from Ontario spoke briefly with the Free Press on Monday afternoon.
    He said someone at his work asked him what his brother's middle name is, and when he answered "Cameron," he immediately told him he'd better check the news.
    "It was all over the Internet," said the man, who refused to give his name. "He's an idiot. I'm glad he is where he is.
    "I feel sorry for those women. I'm a compassionate person. I cried when I heard... Why wouldn't I?"
    Police said it's believed Lamb has lived here full time since last year, but has had contact with police in the city dating back to 1999. It's unknown if he lived here full time for all of that period, though.
    Guyader said the bodies of Blacksmith and Sinclair are too badly decomposed to determine a cause of death or to know if they had been sexually assaulted. However, he said forensic work is being done to try to answer those questions.

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    It's about time!!!

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    I wonder if he is connected to the Highway of Tears?
    A parole review date is set for July 21, 2012 for Fred Howard Coffey.

    Coffey was convicted of the murder of 10 yr old Amanda Marie Ray, NC. He admitted to molesting 300 children.

    Please write a letter on behalf of Amanda.

    Suspect in the murders of:
    5 yr old Neely Smith, NC
    14 yr old Kathy Lynn Beatty, MD
    8 yr old Travis Shane King, VA

    Possibly connected to the disappearances of:
    14 Yr old Tracy Anne King, PA
    11 yr old Sheila and 13 yr old Katherine Lyons, MD
    15 yr old Carolyn Majane, NJ

    Write to:
    Chairman Charles L. Mann Sr.
    NC Post Release Supervision & Parole Commission
    P.O. Box 29540
    Raleigh, NC 27626-0540
    RE: Fred Howard Coffey, DOC# 0081135
    or send an email to parole@doc.state.nc.us

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    Turns out Lamb was writing a self-help book -- in it, he provides a tantalizing glimpse into his criminal motivations, and surprise surprise, he has anger issues with respect to women:


    A man accused of killing three women has admitted to harbouring years of pent-up anger over neglect and abuse he says he experienced at the hands of several important women in his life.

    Court documents obtained by the Winnipeg Free Press show Shawn Lamb, 52, was struggling to deal in recent years with being removed from his now-deceased biological mother’s care at the age of two as part of the “60’s scoop,” taken from his First Nation community and raised by a white family in Ontario.

    Lamb claims his foster mother, who is no longer alive, sexually and physically abused him while also introducing him to alcohol when he was just nine. He makes similar claims against his estranged stepsister, saying she would play “doctor” with him as a young child and molest him.

    “Why did they stomp out the last tiny vestiges of self worth from this child? What wrong had he committed? Why was he kicked and beaten, raped and abused in both mind and body? Why?” Lamb states in an excerpt of a self-help book he was writing.

    Police have disclosed no motive for the three homicides in Winnipeg that Lamb is accused of committing. He is charged with second-degree murder in the deaths of Tanya Nepinak on Sept. 13, 2011, Carolyn Sinclair on Dec. 18, 2011 and Lorna Blacksmith on Jan. 12.
    Sinclair and Blacksmith’s bodies have been found, but Nepinak’s remains have not been located. Investigators are scouring unsolved and missing persons cases around the country to determine if Lamb could be linked to any other slayings.

    Lamb previously told court he was diagnosed in 2001 as bipolar and took solace in expressing his deepest, darkest feelings through the written word. He was working with the John Howard Society in 2010 to help express his views and said he wanted to publish the book to help others avoid the same mistakes he’d made.

    “Once upon a time there was born a baby boy, a little Indian boy, as sweet and fat-cheeked and gifted by the Creator as any baby anywhere. He was born innocent, as innocent as a puppy,” Lamb began in the excerpt given to provincial court Judge Linda Giesbrecht. “An innocent baby deserves not to be torn apart from its mother.”
    First nations groups are calling for an inquiry; the province is demurring. But there seem to have been all sorts of warning bells that went unheeded, from Lamb's bizarro book to the four -- and counting -- women who called in tips about his violent behaviour towards them. Plus ca change...


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    Accused serial killer charged in deaths of 3 Winnipeg women


    CBC News Posted: Jun 25, 2012 10:56 AM CT
    Last Updated: Jun 25, 2012 9:42 PM CT

    Winnipeg police have made an arrest in the deaths of three women reported missing within the last year.
    Blacksmith was last seen in January. Her body was discovered in a yard on Simcoe Street late last week.

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    The search for the remains of Tanya Nepinak at Winnipeg's Brady Road landfill has been put off once again.

    High winds have created safety concerns for the searchers, forcing a postponement until weather conditions improve, police announced on Tuesday.

    The family of Nepinak, who Winnipeg police believe was killed by alleged serial killer Shawn Lamb, has been anxious for the search to begin and said Tuesday the delay is frustrating.
    Tanya Nepinak, 31, went missing in September 2011. Winnipeg polcie believe she was killed, then placed in a garbage bin that was emptied at the Brady Road landfill.Tanya Nepinak, 31, went missing in September 2011. Winnipeg polcie believe she was killed, then placed in a garbage bin that was emptied at the Brady Road landfill. (Family photo)

    "I'm disappointed. I'm frustrated. I want to get it over and done with," said Nepinak's sister, Gail Nepinak.


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    Shawn Lamb pleads guilty to killing 2 Winnipeg women

    The plea is part of a deal made with the Crown to have the charges reduced from second-degree murder in the deaths of Carolyn Sinclair, 25, and Lorna Blacksmith, 18.

    The deal calls for two 10-year sentences for a total of 20 years in jail. The judge has not yet ruled on accepting the deal.


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    "Claudette Osborne was 21 when she went missing in Winnipeg in July 2008.
    claudette osborne

    A vigil was held Saturday at the corner where Claudette Osborne was last seen in 2008. (Tamara Pimentel/CBC)

    In spite of police and community efforts, no trace of her has ever been found.

    About 40 people gathered in Winnipeg's North End at the corner of King Street and Selkirk Avenue where Osborne was last seen.

    Osborne's sister, Bernadette Smith, said friends and family feel that someone knows something about what happened, and they won't stop these public displays until those responsible are found."

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    Not quite sure where to have put that news link from today, but thought maybe SL might be responsible for this missing girl too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jessica- View Post
    What about Amber Tuccaro? Went missing in Alberta, male was audio recorded (Link: Amber TUCCARO - MURDER INVESTIGATION - YouTube) The recording starts at 1:30

    Her skull was found in Leduc Alberta in September 2012 (The same year the other two were killed) , she went missing in 2010. Amber of Native decent and was 5'6 and 144 pounds with black hair, she resembles the other ladies to me.
    Thanks for posting, been trying to figure out who that voice belongs to on this thread.


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    From November 2013:


    A Manitoba judge has sentenced Shawn Lamb to 20 years behind bars after he pleaded guilty to killing two women in Winnipeg...

    On Thursday morning, Lamb pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the cases of Sinclair and Blacksmith. He has denied killing Nepinak...

    Court was told Thursday Blacksmith was strangled with a TV cord. Lamb then went to buy drugs and dumped her body later that day.