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    OR- Lane County inmates are going free before their time is up


    "The jail in Eugene started by releasing 29 inmates on Tuesday. It will release about 30 a day Wednesday and Thursday to get down to the new limit of 152 inmates."

    "Lane County covers 4,620 square miles that stretch from the Cascades through Eugene and Springfield to the coast. Much of the county is federal timberland. It has enjoyed lower taxes than many other counties in Oregon, because it was the largest recipient of money from the Secure Rural Schools Act. The act expired last year, and short- and long-term plans for replacing it have languished in Congress. Though it holds a reputation for liberalism within the city of Eugene — home to the state's favorite football team, the Oregon Ducks — voters have regularly turned down tax increases to fund public safety."


    Please read the above where it says 4,620 square miles! And there's usually only TWO deputies on duty at a time and there are rumors they may have to CUT THEIR HOURS!

    The voters continue to vote down any bond measures to increase taxes and instead, it is more and more dangerous to reside and visit Lane County Oregon, one of the most beautiful areas of this country.

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    Oh. my. goodness. This is unbelievable.

    I was thinking of taking the kids and heading to the mall or science museum but...maybe not!

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    Down here in Josephine county, they released all of the inmates, and kept 3 sherrifs on patrol for the entire county..... Oregon is going downhill fast

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    I've seen a huge increase in people wandering the streets at night since the release, plus obviously mentally-disabled people walking around town. Maybe the 2 biggest owners of Eugene can kick down some of their millions to help out with this, namely EWEB and Sacred Heart. I also think the timing is pretty interesting, coming at the end of the Olympic trials. Right before the police did a sweep of the city, picking up anybody who looked like a vagrant and getting them off the streets so Eugene would be all sparkly and green, then release all these people afterwards.

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