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    Ramsey PI Incompetence

    OK incomnpetence is me putting it politely.

    Michael Tracey had these guys on his UK documentary and the whole show comprised of them building a case against Mr X for involvement in the following crimes:-

    Boulder midnight burglaries
    murder of Allie berrelez
    murder of Jonbenet ramsey
    murder of Michael Helgoth
    Dancewest assault

    They claimed that Mr X had "disappeared" - a nice intriguing twist to their theory ... except he hadn't.

    In May 1996, Mr X started a 3 month jail sentence followed by 4 years probation. He was released from jail in August 1996 and moved to another state where he served his probation without default (his records state this). Not only that, but he started his own business and had his own website. He has a very unusual name so a Google search of his name brings up his website and others pointing to it.

    When Tricia revealed his name, jameson immediately confirmed it and also confirmed that the website in question WAS his. So how did she know this? Who told her his name and aout his website?

    Was it the ramsey PIs? Clearly the RST WERE privy to this information - so why didn't they use it to contact Mr X when they would find out that he wasn't living in Colorado when most of the above crimes were committed?

    why did they say instead that he had "disappeared"?

    I can think of only one reason. They didn't want FACTS to get in the way of a good story. The fact that Mr X was innocent kind of blew their fantastic theory. They did NOT expect Internet sleuths to find out his identity - that was not on the agenda. If we hadn't revealed his identity and had it confirmed that he was not, nor ever had been a suspect in the ramsey case, then the Tracey documentary would undoubtedly have been the same old misleading trash as the British one.
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    Good work, Jayelles. Thanks.

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