Bad News, Good News, Bad News

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. (AP) — Southern Oregon roommates Adam Vickers and Kyle Wisdom thought it would be funny to stage a grisly murder and fool one of their friends into thinking that Wisdom had shot Vickers dead.

Turns out police in Central Point were not at all amused.

The panicked target of the prank, Daniel Maerz, called police to report a shooting on Wednesday morning, and police rushed to the scene, ordering a lockdown of a nearby elementary school on their way.

After realizing officers had arrived at their house, Wisdom and Vickers walked outside.

Neither was injured, although both had been drinking earlier in the morning, Central Point police Sgt. Jeff Britton said.

"They immediately said it was a joke, that they were just goofing around," he said. "They wanted to scare [Maerz] into thinking something happened."

Britton said Wisdom and Vickers had consumed "quite a bit" of alcohol before staging the murder scene.

Police handcuffed both men and took them to the Jackson County Jail on charges of disorderly conduct, conspiracy to commit a crime, initiating a false report and reckless endangering. Both were being held on $12,000 bail.

Maerz, 20, was also arrested after police found that he was high on methamphetamine (search), Britton said. He was taken to jail for possession of meth, and was being held on $10,000 bail.

Britton said Maerz was angry both at being arrested and because his friends had fooled him.

"He was upset, mad at them," Britton said. "But he was relieved to find his friend was not deceased."

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