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    Don't Watch Me Sell These Drugs!!

    Wrong Place, Wrong Time

    NEZPERCE, Idaho (AP) — A man picked the wrong location for an alleged drug deal. Telling an eyewitness to mind his own business was also not a good idea.

    It was in front of the home of Lewis County's sheriff-elect, who was sitting on his front porch.

    "They really picked the wrong house to be in front of," said Phil Steen, who will be sworn into office next month.

    Steen had only lived in the home about three weeks when he decided to enjoy the evening air last Saturday. But some suspicious activity on the street impaired his view.

    Steen saw what he thought was a drug deal in the street. When those involved noticed him watching, they simply told him to "look away," Steen said.

    Instead of looking elsewhere, Steen ran the suspects' license plates. It led to a search of two houses and a vehicle, then the arrest of James MacArthur, 46.

    MacArthur is charged with possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, unlawful possession of a firearm and possession of drug paraphernalia.

    About 16 grams of marijuana was confiscated, along with a rifle and a shotgun, Steen said. The investigation is continuing.


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    DOH of the day

    He gets my vote for the "DOH of the day" award!

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