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    Lactivism: 200 breastfeeding mothers descend on Bristol UK cafe after snub

    'Lactivist' flashmob take over cafe in protest against waitress who told
    breastfeeding mother: 'Don't ever come back with your t*** out again!'
    (Daily Mail)
    More than 200 breastfeeding mothers descended on a cafe in support of one of their own who claimed she was verbally abused by a waitress for suckling her baby in public.

    Kelly Schaecher, 28, claims she was told by a member of staff: 'Donít you ever come back to my cafe with your t*** out again!'

    When word spread about her ordeal, a Facebook page set up by mothers calling themselves 'lactivists' and 'mother suckers' called on like-minded women to take a stand by deliberately breastfeeding there.
    the rest of the story and many pictures at link above

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    I will never understand why people find discreet nursing disgusting???
    England's dancing days are done...

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    Puritans. Pffft.

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