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    FL - David Sinnett for abusing 2yo child, Bartow, 2012


    Bartow, Florida -- A Polk man faces child abuse charges after police say he beat a 2-year-old boy with a clothes hanger.

    Deputies say David Lee Sinnett, of Bartow, beat the boy so severely he suffered several bruises on his face and body and a fractured orbital bone on his right eye area. A doctor's examination of the child's eye revealed he could have permanent eye damage or loss of sight.

    Authorities were alerted to the incident after a witness saw a picture later in the day of Sinnett choking and hitting the boy. She told the Sinnett's mother who picked up the child and called police.

    Detectives also arrested 29-year-old Arlene Tilson Thursday afternoon for neglecting to do anything to help the child during the incident. Witnesses told detectives she was at the home at the time and did not try to stop it or call police.

    More at link.....

    The relationships are confusing but it sounds like Sinnett's own mother turned him in but the child's mother was there and did nothing....

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    that'd be the day if t was my kid....

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    He beats a child because he can't pronounce his sister's name? The poor little has a speech problem so this creep figures beating him will solve it? Just great you POS now he'll have an eyesight problem. That being the least of it because he surely will need years of therapy for having to live with a rotten, cowardly D-head.

    Look at this subhuman's Mugshots. Never ending. He was even up for attempted murder.


    Nobody detected he's got an anger problem along all those charges? Maybe if he'd gotten beat by a hanger he would have settled down. Ya know since he figures that works.

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    I'm for the beating with a hanger for he and the Tilson woman too!!

    These monsters are coming out of the walls! Put them away Polk County.

    Prayers for the little two-year old boy

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    So the guy served 5 year for second degree murder? And moves in with girlfriend and beats her child.


    He also has a violent history in Polk County with eight prior arrests. His most recent arrest was in 2005 for Second Degree Murder and Attempted Second Degree Murder. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison and released in May 2010
    I am so glad his own mother thought more of this little boys life than she did of her son getting away with beating a little tiny 2 year old. I am Hopeful this little man can go on to have a wonderful life out of his mothers custody . I am so happy Mr. Sinnets mother had compassion and cared enough to do what we raely hear of anymore.

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