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    Officials seeking cause of NY yacht capsizing


    OYSTER BAY, N.Y. (AP) — Investigators are trying to learn more about the crucial seconds before a yacht capsized off Long Island, killing three children and leaving 24 others scrambling for their lives.

    The July Fourth accident has left more questions than answers in the search for a definitive cause. Investigators are counting on gaining knowledge from survivors and the boat itself once it is brought up from 60 feet below the surface of Long Island Sound.

    Efforts to raise the boat might begin as early as Friday.

    Authorities said several possibilities might have combined to doom the vessel known as Candi 1 as it was being positioned so passengers could watch fireworks.......

    Authorities said the children who died got trapped in the cabin.

    Killed were Aureliano's nephew David Aureliano, 12, and two girls, 11-year-old Harley Treanor and 8-year-old Victoria Gaines. No serious injuries were reported by the 24 other adult-and-children passengers who were rescued from the water, mostly by fellow boaters.

    More at link.....

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    This was on the news this morning - how sad, 3 youngsters, out to have a fun night and tragedy strikes.

    Some early suggestions are the boat was overcrowed, with 27 people on board for a boat that should have had no more than 12/14.

    3 angels, and they must have been so scared. The parents, family and all involved have my prayers.
    Judgment is not about destruction, but about setting things right.

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    I can save them some time and money. The answer is, that boat was loaded way over capacity.

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    Sunken NY yacht to be raised, may offer clues


    OYSTER BAY, N.Y. (AP) - A sunken yacht on which three children died during an Independence Day fireworks outing was tethered on Friday to prevent it from drifting away but must be raised from the water before investigators can determine what caused it to capsize.

    The yacht's owner, Kevin Treanor, who's related to some of the victims, bought it in April 2011, boating records show. There was no answer to calls at his home Friday.

    An insurance company lawyer who's representing him, James Mercante, said he'd like to know if something mechanical was responsible, "if something gave way."

    Nassau County Detective Lt. John Azzata said the cause remained under investigation but possibilities include the weather, overcrowding and a wake from another vessel. He said the area was busy with boaters watching the fireworks.

    Boater Scott Menzies, who said he positioned his 20-foot motor boat in the area to take in the celebration but didn't see the accident, said conditions on the water were calm during the fireworks and afterward. The National Weather Service said a thunderstorm moved through the area about 20 minutes after the first 911 call and winds never exceeded 10 to 15 mph.

    More at link.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ada View Post
    I can save them some time and money. The answer is, that boat was loaded way over capacity.
    Agree, Ada, very irresponsible to me but a very hard way to learn that lesson with the deaths of 3 children.

    I think some of the reasons for questions are if there were enough life jackets, was the weather really a factor and the other boat 'wave' that was said to be involved.

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    Sunken boat raised from NY bay, will be inspected


    OYSTER BAY, N.Y. (AP) — A yacht that capsized and sank off Long Island after a July Fourth outing to watch fireworks, killing three children, was lifted from the bottom of a bay Wednesday and towed to a marina for a preliminary inspection. Detectives hope a fuller inspection of the boat on shore will provide clues into the cause of the accident.

    FBI divers and Nassau County police raised the 34-foot Kandi Won from about 60 feet below the surface of Oyster Bay, off the north shore of Long Island. The effort took two days as divers contended with strong currents and murky waters. They rigged the vessel with a network of straps and then inflated large airbags to bring it to the surface on Wednesday afternoon.

    More at link....

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    Mother of drowning victim Victoria Gaines speaks out....link says there's a video but I am unable to view it.


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    Thank you, but I don't think I can watch that video. I just can't.

    (This is by no means a criticism of those who can.)

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    Parents of girl killed in July 4 yacht capsize want capacity limits, safety training courses

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/p...#ixzz230ed50f2

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    Report shows yacht that capsized and sank on the Fourth of July last year killing three children was caused by overcrowding

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz2Y2zZ7Af1

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