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    'Paradice Slaves' key solved

    I posted on one of the other threads what I found yesterday, but overnight and with some good sleep, I solved it completely:
    A couple possible solutions:

    1) PARADICE SLAVES = 'Arie Dave Scalps (By Knife)
    'By Knife is the Map Key' meaning South West (SW)
    Arie means Lion,Eagle,Lion of God. or "Best of all"
    Tribe Judah is (Lion) David is the Blue Star (Hexogram) and king David
    I take this then to mean Dave Arie Scalps By Knife :" Dave (best of all) scalps by knife".
    considering the Blue Star and Hopi connection here(the 17 left over letters of the 340 crptogram of the Zodiac letter spell out: "I Meet The Hopi Tribe"
    in Hopi prophesy, at the end of this cycle, they are met by two stars. A Blue Star(belief in one God'I Am That I Am') and a Red Star. A Red star is a Pentagram (blood sacrifice) or Satanic star ( false light).
    2) PARADICE SLAVES = Ri Dave Scalps AE = RI (KING) AE(Celt)AE) (By Knife) thus: King Dave Scalps Celt (by Hopi) or by (KNIFE)
    Hopi and Knife are one in the same as is Arizona and Knife or such as Phoenix and ARIZONA. Thus, the SW quadrant of the MAP is :Arizona.the hopi, and in line with the zodiac 'O' of his circle(celtic cross): Phoenix
    When researching Phoenix I get Phoenix project and Montauk.
    This is a link: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/mo.../phoenix_2.htm.
    Here I began to wonder some about my religious beliefs and my true inner intuition since I believe in I AM THAT I AM the jewish God of Abraham is the same Blue star I AM THAT I AM massaw( A SHiled). I have an Israel Star Flag and it is my prized possession : I myself am named David which makes this all weird as hell.

    "By Knife" is the map direction Code Key(also the only 'BY' done different than the rest). This Code is several things:
    1)South West (SW)

    S.H.A R.P (knife)

    so by this understanding (MHO) it is a code that is SHARP thus knife is a Direction
    other possible meanings to help solve

    MAP= Celtic Rune/compass rose or the celtic cross or Zodiac Cross Hair(hare)

    SW is Hopi Indians(Tribe)

    points to Phoenix

    Read what a Phoenix is here:
    Then look again at the link above about the Phoenix Project

    I think a can of worms is about to open here...no wonder no one is calling me back!

    If this is all what I think it is, a DAVID is the one chosen to scalp(see what the letters of S/C.A.L.P. mean here [ame="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scalp"]Scalp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame] . Apparently this means(by MHO) that there are 5 layers in one direction that have to be solved or cut from the Celt or ZODIAC
    I am just guessing before I sign off and look deeper, that SHARP and SCALP mean the same thing somehow having 5 different meanings(layers) to the puzzle.

    So, from the card I have found TAKEN KING DAVE SCALPS CELT
    or play on words:
    "Take Ken, King Dave Scalps Zodiac"
    Zodiac sign and celt sign one in the same so Celt and Zodiac are one in the same

    Now the Zodiac mentions" it is about time"
    this the scalp is 5 layers of time possibly and this could be some wicked BS experiment...back laterz.
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    I was looking deeper into this Halloween card and saw something that I found interesting related to this source:
    quote~"The first four digits of PI π = 3.141=9. We use the first 4 since you need four 90 degree turns to get a circle of 360 degrees. " ~end quote (taken from ' Number 9 the ancients number 911 code') http://rickzepeda.hubpages.com/hub/Number-9

    Interesting that if you look at the 'eyes' and how they are arranged on the card you get two #9's one up and one side ways:
    3 eyes in a pattern at top left
    1 eye in hole
    5 eyes (4 arranged around 1)
    these uo and down on the left can mean Pi 31(41)/5 or 3141 or just 315
    Again we have from left to right,
    5 eyes, 1 large eye, 3 eyes
    As mentioned in the quote, you need 4 90 degree angles to make a circle...or...the Zodiac sign.
    look at my notes I made on the back portion of the card which may represent PI or the numbers 315 or 153
    again from the quote above:
    "The first four digits of PI π = 3.141=9. We use the first 4 since you need four 90 degree turns to get a circle of 360 degrees. "

    SEE THE COMPLETE ARTICLE(very interesting)
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    Furthermore, you can compare the shape of the EYES to a moon progression on the 7th picture of 20 at the same location:


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    Oh Captain, My Captain
    What relationship does Zodiac have with the number 9 then?
    email me

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    Quote Originally Posted by believe09 View Post
    What relationship does Zodiac have with the number 9 then?
    Well. '9' is the golden spiral means, links to TIME, can also match the '9' on the MAP of the Zodiac(one letter contained a map with '0' North, 3 at east.6 at south and 9 at west which points to Oakland area.

    Also, I found his name some more, check out the new thread on Exorcist Stave Runes Code:

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    I created S.C.A.L.P at Facebook (Search,Capture,And Lock in Prison), I will add more stuff there and some discussion

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    Paradice means PAIR OF DICE roll the dice. How will he kill?

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    Quote Originally Posted by acmeintuitiveenergy View Post
    Paradice means PAIR OF DICE roll the dice. How will he kill?
    Zodiac used PEEK THROUGH THE PINEs and a Lake Tahoe card to misslead his true meanings of Paradice. Yes, Pair of dice are important here, My POI has a special interest in a specific pair of DICE and the DICE have spiritual meanings as well. For one, from one corner is the magical 153 and with 2 dice is is 306 (153x2) this is some deep stuff and sorta out of my league .
    Also, I have a Dice he is specially interested in.
    My POI has an interest in his Paradise he calls Ochoco, which,like I said, means willow or pines. Paradae (tit)(ae)dpthing(parad+ice willow..titwillow..Parade festival..val...its all int he meaning of everything. Zodiac disects everything. Everything has a meaning...JUST LIKE MY POI THINKS. Its deep.
    A small bird in the pines .
    a small bird in the willow. Titwillow. Paradice.
    I believe it is refering to COLLECTTION OF HUSSY's, but you would have to read all the root meanings, and I am tired this evening.

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