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    IL - Lukas Pinski, 2, drowned in lake, Edwardsville, 2 May 2012


    ST. LOUIS (AP) The parents of an Illinois toddler who drowned in a lake were charged with child endangerment Monday, accused of allowing the boy and his twin brother to routinely wander from home through a basement window and having them live in what one prosecutor called "filth and squalor."

    The charges come more than two months after 2-year-old Lukas Pinski was found unresponsive and submerged May 2 in a small lake near the family's Edwardsville home in southwestern Illinois. Authorities say he and his twin had wandered from home.

    Lukas died four days later at a St. Louis hospital. His brother escaped with minor cuts.............

    Gibbons said that since Lukas' death, an investigation of suspected juvenile abuse or neglect at the family's home led child welfare officials to take temporary custody of Lukas' brother and three other children from the house: a 5-year-old boy and two girls, ages 3 and 1.

    More at link.....

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    5 year old boy

    3 year old girl

    2 year old boy

    2 year old boy

    1 year old girl

    By 25 years old??

    And people thought *I* was crazy for having my only two less than a year apart.

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    MsFacetious, I didn't even notice that...one right after the other and cannot protect or care for them properly, even with the help of their grandmothers. From the article above:

    The Pinskis are charged with endangering the life or health of a child, a felony punishable by up to five years in prison. They also face misdemeanor child-endangerment counts each carrying up to a year in jail for what Gibbons said was their allowing the twins and three other children to live in "uninhabitable conditions which included piles of human and animal feces, broken glass debris and trash."
    "These children lived in filth and squalor," Gibbons said.

    The Pinskis' live-in mothers Shirley Pinski, 47, and Rebecca Kennedy, 61 also face misdemeanor endangerment counts. Online court records do not show whether the two women have attorneys yet.
    Gross! I'm glad all the children were taken out of the home....

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    From July 2013:


    An Edwardsville couple who pleaded guilty in connection to their 2-year-old son’s drowning death have been ordered to spend two years on probation.

    Twenty-six-year-old Emilie Pinski and 27-year-old Thomas Pinski pleaded guilty Wednesday in Madison County to a misdemeanor child-endangerment count. Emilie Pinski also pleaded guilty to a felony count of child abandonment.

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