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    Anonymous has a new target: Pedophiles

    Im sure everyone has heard of the hacker group ANONYMOUS famous for hacking into government sites and even trying to take down Facebook.

    They are now putting their skills to a better cause: the take down of pedophiles. Their message (I'm not sure how to embed YT vids here)...

    Anonymous Message: #OpPedoChat

    Hello Citizens of the world, We are Anonymous. Dear brothers and sisters. Now is the time to open your eyes and expose the truth! Recently it has come to our attention that there has been a surge of websites dedicated to pedophiles for chat and picture sharing. These Pedophiles openly advocate concepts like "man-boy love", stating that 8 year old boys enjoy it and pray on their attention. This is not limited to boys, boards for little girls exist and operate with impunity. Child pornography is frequently traded and even innocent pictures of random children (at the beach, on a playground, in their homes) are publicly fantasized about.
    ...more info at YT vid....
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    Hey I'm all for it! These hackers certainly are working with a high level of intelligence combined with unbelievable knowledge and know how when it comes to the www... moo is that it can only help and in no way be a negative. .except for in the opinions of the pedophiles. .

    Watch out pedos you've alot more than just LE on your azz now!

    Hopefully they can find the apex of the network and possibly bring down a huge portion of the internet portion of the pedophile network!
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    Well good. NAMBLA and others need to go down & for good.

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    Great cause! They have already posted 4 pages of user data from sites they took down, including email addresses, ip addresses, and some live chat data as well.
    Here is more info from ZDNET, the tech website
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    FINALLY. A good use for their brilliant minds. I LOVE it. I wonder who convinced them to make these pedophiles their new target. WELL DONE whomever it was.
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    here is their twitter account:


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    http://pastebin.com/rXYfrTKf List of who they took down so far now sure if I can link it. Excuse me if not Mods.

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    Hahaha! I love it!
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    Google Chris Hansen

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    Good for this anon group. LE is too slow to react, too slow to charge the *******s due to threats of lawsuits, etc.. Sometimes one needs to circumvent the law to accomplish something for the common good.

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    I wish Anonymous the greatest success at this!!!! It is sort of like fighting fire with fire. Wish I could help in someway... maybe someday, when I retire and have enough free time to dedicate to a worthy cause. I have always been annoyed with computer viruses, etc... but I have always said that the skills to create and distribute complete chaos are not necessarily a bad thing. Someone with great skills just needs to have a great brain for when to use their skills. Can you imagine how WWII would have played out, if people could have been selected for the concentration camps by a computer? Can you imagine the impact of a hacker on a government sponsored program that targeted it's citizens

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    i doubt this will totally succeed as the sites will probably be up again as soon as possible. but it will still certainly mess up their day....aaww what a shame (dripping with sarcasim) hackers have a great mind and i am glad at least a group of them is finally using their brain towards something positive. i wish them success.
    we need to encourage harder sentencing on those that are harming our children. our children are worth it!!

    stop the circus!! these children as all children deserve to be found and justice brought forth for what has happened to them!!

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