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    Ireland: Dog Seized & Kept From Family, Has Been Put Down


    This makes me livid. This dog was taken from his family for looking like a Pit Bull, kept locked away for two years, and the family was denied being able to see him in his final moments.

    This is just ridiculous, no matter which side of the fence you stand on regarding BSL's, you have to admit this was wrong. TWO years this dog was kept away from his family, and in that time that he was confined, he NEVER harmed anyone, many people from other countries steped up to have him transported away from Ireland, but the councils refused to do so.

    I'm sorry for rambling, but what this dog and his family went through is so heartbreaking.

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    I agree. If a pit is outlawed in their country then why not let someone in another country (where's they're legal) adopt this dog????? I just don't get it. They furthered their cruelty by not even letting the family and dog be together during the last moments of the dog's life. What's wrong with these people; don't they have a heart?

    If I knew my dog was in a shelter (doggie death row) and I wasn't allowed to see him I don't know how I would go on. Some people's pets are like their children, a part of the family. A winning lawsuit for this family (not that I've seen they're suing) wouldn't even make amends for what was done to them and their precious dog.


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    I followed this story all the way through and came to the belief that Lennox hasn't been alive for a long time. It's the only explanation for why nobody could see him for the past two years, why he couldn't be exported to a safe alternative location without breed discriminatory legislation, and why even after his supposed euthanasia date his family was denied repossession of his personal items (collar, leash, etc.).

    They had this dog before the law was passed, he was taken from them even though he was not an American Pit Bull Terrier or an American Staffordshire Terrier. Nobody was allowed to see him, he was denied release to several highly-esteemed trainers from numerous parts of the world who tried to intervene on his behalf, and his belongings were supposedly destroyed so that nobody could see or have them. IMO, this dog was dead a long time ago, and Belfast has injustice and corruption on its hands in addition to the innocent blood of this dog. Shameful.

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