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    UK - Ernest Meads, 58, dead in London stabbing spree, 5 injured, 23 Dec 2004

    Mentally Ill Man Stabs Six People in Daylight Attacks In London (23 December 2004)

    One man is dead and five other men and women are critically injured after a mentally ill man carried out stabbing attacks in London during rush hour this morning.

    The incidents, which took place within a five mile area, in public places, within an hour are thought to have been random attacks. The person responsible stabbed each victim multiple times before getting into his car and driving away, in search of more victims.

    Witnesses noted the man's car registration number, which enabled the police to arrive at a household in a London Borough just as the car's owner was arriving home. The man has been arrested and police have announced he is 30 years old, of Turkish origin and has had a history of mental health problems. He has been admitted to mental health hospitals though it is believed he has recently ceased to be a patient at a London hospital.

    From www.sclomax.co.uk/crimeinthenews.htm

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    From March 2006:


    A paranoid schizophrenic has been found guilty of attempting to kill five people during a stabbing rampage.

    Ismail Dogan, 30, of Tottenham, north London, had already admitted the manslaughter of Ernest Meads on the grounds of diminished responsibility...

    An Old Bailey judge committed Dogan to Broadmoor Special Hospital indefinitely over the attacks in December 2004.

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