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    Halloween card and excorcist letter PROOF that Zodiacs name is KEN HALL

    Ok, So I have been showing how my POI is named Ken throughout these threads, unwilling to say his full name until I had solid proof. Well. this is not the complete solution to everything in the letters, as I suspect that not only does this solved code I am about to share spell out my POI's full name, but it is in the Zodiac letters and can not be disputed.

    So, the deeper I go and the more I reveal. I may as well come forward and metion, how ironic it is that the Zodiac already knew, that my name is DAVID. I have Jewish beliefs and feel like God has treated me like a king my whole life. I do consider myself a king of my castle. I am also Airies. Funny how the Zodiac pinpoints me exactly in the Paradice Slaves code:
    King Dave Scalps (Aris king Dave scalps) Ri(king) Dave calps AE(celt?). I recently started a new page at facebook titled S.C.A.L.P ( search,capture,and lock in prison) because of this revelation anf because I am dedicated to proving my work to be genuine from the Zodiac letters and the things I learned from my POI and his methods of so called Treasure Hunting. I am glad i decrypted the name and added it to my records, or I may have never found this damning piece of evidence.
    My POI has the name KEN HALL( I have to tell you this in order to prove my point, simce it is hidden in the halloween card and excorcist letter. Having this intuition I have and an edge on law enforcement( I have a guy coming at me with a game o solve its) gave me the tools(his name) to solve this murder spree(without the intuition I would have never checked. Had he not said he was sick of living but unwilling to die, I never would have gone this far as to solve this 100% like I believe I have done. I can at least show proof from these two pieces of evidence that i am not crazy or making this up. Like I mentioned, he seems to have chosen me to be the one to solve this(but that would me he can see the future). HE IN NO WAY IS ANY LONGER CONSIDERED MY FRIEND. 'Ken Hall' is the name scribed in Staveless runes on the excorcist card which also matches the Jalloween card key. Tonight, I am showing the full name, and how it overimposes on the Zodiac Halloween card Key and want to further inform you that all of these things are creating a mental map for me which when overimposed in oregon shows his LOCATION ( I will soon check it compared to the map in california using mt. Diablo as a reference point to see if any connections arise)of a 16 foot hole he claims to have dug. I wonder how many bodies would fit in a hole 16 feet deep? it also may be the starting point of a spiral (shaped burriel grounds?).
    KEN HALL is the Staveless runes name that matches the Zodiac key precisely, so look at my sketch below and compare. I seriously want to know what you all think. This name is undisputedly in the card and on the excorcist letter, so here is how I get KEN HALL. If I am gonna be sued, I am gonna be sued:

    I believe my ZODIAC suspect is the culprit.(not official suspect but after this post should probably be brought in for questioning since this is proof his name is the name sribed within and throughout the Zodiac letters)..
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    Email with links sent to cold case

    I just returned from my so called spiritual vacation and today sent info on my POI and links to NAPA cold case unit. Hope for a quick reply. Heres another picture depicting the name on the excorcist letter and the zodiac halloween card:
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    Quote Originally Posted by TimeCop View Post
    I just returned from my so called spiritual vacation and today sent info on my POI and links to NAPA cold case unit. Hope for a quick reply. Heres another picture depicting the name on the excorcist letter and the zodiac halloween card:
    Your suspect hasn't been named publicly in the media so you should probably keep from naming him until the MSM picks it up. JMO

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    perhaps we can take this thread off of the public forum and then Time Cop can continue his hard work.
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