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    IN - Christina Tedder, 12, Marion County, 24 Dec 2004

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    How awful to go missing on Christmas eve. I pray that she is alright.

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    Indianapolis, December 25 - At first glance the Christmas tree looks like any other. Neatly wrapped packages, bright lights and carefully arranged ornaments but there is one thing missing

    "Christmas will never be the same, there will be no Christmas at my house no more, " said Michelle Tedder, the missing girl's mother.

    12-year-old Christina Tedder, left he apartment Christmas Eve and walked about 100 yards over to a Shell Station.

    The last person to see Christina is a gas station employee. He says the police have been to his house and have asked plenty of question..

    "I told them that was before eight, she got in and she got out, I didn't see, that's all that I seen," he said.

    The Marion County Sheriff's office is leading the search with an urban search and rescue team.

    Christina's unwrapped Christmas presents are waiting for her.


    How awful! - please keep us posted on this little girl

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    Oh no not another child how sad I hope they find her and she is ok.

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    Why is the mother already talking as though the child will never be back??

    Beautiful little girl, reminds me of my husband's niece. I pray she is all right.

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    How sad!!!!

    My daughter is 12 and I feel just sick about this. Why is there not more media coverage on this missing little girl, is there a search party looking for her????? Why not much publicity on this. Oh so pray they find her safe.

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    I hope they find this child alive, but I also think the mother's statement is a bit strange. Shouldn't she be out there pleadng for her daughter's safe return?

    I wish there was more information. Why did Christina go to the Shell station? Was it her own idea or did her mother send her? What time did this happen? Is there a father and/or siblings? If not a father, does the mother have a boyfriend? Was her visit to the Shell station recorded on a security camera? It sounds like the police have pursued the gas station attendant and will probably give him a lie detector test to rule him out.

    If anybody finds more information on the search for Christina, please post.

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    I live 30 miles south of Indianapolis. Here's a recent update.


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    Thanks for the update, dottie. It sounds like the investigation will be focused on the neighbor:

    It is not clear if Christina ever arrived at her destination. Michelle Tedder said Christina does not appear on surveillance tape of the apartment's front entrance.

    Christina may have gone out the back way, but that would have been unusual and resulted in a longer walk, her mom said.

    Officials said the girl was last seen at a pay phone at the station at 10th and Shadeland Avenue.


    While investigating Christina's disappearance, police arrested a 42-year-old Indianapolis man in an apartment downstairs from Christina's. Vince Cooley was charged with failing to report to his probation officer. The underlying conviction was for child molesting, said Capt. Phil Burton, spokesman for the Marion County Sheriff's Department.

    Police interviewed Cooley, Burton said, but would not say whether he was involved in the case.

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    I do know that Wish Tv channel 8 interviewed gas staion worker at Shell. He did say he saw Christina that evening. I wonder if maybe he was mistaken, and confused her with someone else. He did say police went to his home and interviewed him. I will let you know if I get any updates. Please, continue to pray for this child.

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    Dottie it does seem wierd if he saw her and there is no video of her leaving the building.

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    Printable poster from NCMEC Website:


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    Quote Originally Posted by fourboys
    Printable poster from NCMEC Website:

    Thank you Fourboys. Here's another updated link.


    Please keep Christina and other missing children in your prayers.

    a.k.a. Dottie Rainbow a.k.a. amyhisbeloved

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    Quote Originally Posted by TisHerself
    Dottie it does seem wierd if he saw her and there is no video of her leaving the building.

    The article says the video equipment at the gas station wasn't working on Christmas Eve.

    There is no video surveilance of the front entrance to the apartment building according to a statement made on Fox News by the leading investigator.
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    FBI Joins Search for Missing Girl12-Year-Old Has Not Been Seen Since Christmas Eve

    INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. 29, 2004

    The FBI has joined the search for a 12-year-old girl who has been missing since Christmas Eve, according to local police.

    Christina Tedder, 12, was last seen by her brother between 8 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Friday, when she left their home at the Eastgate Terrace Apartments to go to a nearby Shell gas station.

    Marion County Sheriff's Department investigators have questioned those working at the gas station that night, but told ABC News affiliate WRTV in Indianapolis that they have no clues to the girl's whereabouts.

    The surveillance equipment at the gas station was not in use that night, WRTV reported. But nearby businesses and the apartment complex where the girl lives have offered to provide investigators with their surveillance tapes, officials said.

    Investigators also have been questioning a "person of interest" in the disappearance. Vince Cooley, 42, was seen in the area around the time Christina disappeared and is a convicted child molester who lives at the same apartment complex, police officials said.

    Cooley was paroled earlier this year after serving two years of a five-year sentence for sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl whom he had stalked.

    He was taken into custody on a probation violation. He failed a drug test and missed a meeting with his probation officer, county Commissioner Ted Robinette said Tuesday during a Superior Court hearing for Cooley.

    Sheriff's detectives told The Indianapolis Star that Cooley, who also went by Anthony McGregor, passed a polygraph test.

    "He's just a person of interest like everybody is going to be," Sheriff's Lt. Brian Mahone told the newspaper. "We're still canvassing. There's a lot of work to be done."

    Police said an Amber Alert was never issued in the case because it did not meet the criteria. Nobody witnessed an abduction or a crime, which is needed to issue an alert.

    "As we always do, we investigate every missing child as a person who's missing. Could be runaway, could be possibly abducted. We investigate them all the same until we come to some type of conclusion," Deputy Chief Herman Humbles said.

    Police and the FBI have also been getting help from the girl's neighbors, who have tried to make more people aware of her disappearance.

    "She could be anywhere in the city or out of the city at this point. My request is that people get out, put flyers out if they can and people band together and look for this girl," said Chris Prescott, who does not know Christina, but has been hanging up posters with her picture and description.

    "We're just keeping it in God's hands that's all we can do right now," neighbor Debbie Wendell said.

    Christina has long brown hair and brown eyes. She's 5 feet 1 inch tall and weighs 100 pounds and was wearing a pink, hooded coat, blue jeans and black tennis shoes when she was last seen, officials said.


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