let me say this, 20 minutes before Penn Satate learns its penalties from the NCAA, I have been listening to national sports talk radio this weekend, and I tell you the disguisting manner in which the national sports media has reacted to the news that psu will receive "unprecedented penalties" makes clear how all this happened in the first place. the national sports media is inhabited by short sighted lemmings who apparently have difficulty thinking for themselves and are most comfortable repeating what a few others have said.

even at this late date, the national sports media doesnt understand the football program at penn state should be given these UNPRECEDENTED penalties. these people are showing how joepa wAS able to fool so many for so long. THEY were the people who kept repeating, over and over, year after year, what a moral, honorable, different kind of man Paterno was. And all the while, it wasnt true but it was their mantra and they ran with it, cause it was the easiest thing to do.

they were putty in paternos hands.

a shamed industry, imo.