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    NJ - Damien Bruno, 3 mos, killed, 2 hurt in violent Jersey City assault, 27 July 2012


    Authorities say they have arrested the man accused of attacking his ex-girlfriend at her Jersey City home and forcing her out a third-floor window while she was holding her infant in her arms Friday morning.

    The Hudson County prosecutor's office said police barricaded and apprehended Frederico Bruno, 19, in Belleville, N.J. Friday evening. He was found inside a refrigerator in a vacant building near where his siblings live........

    Both the 20-year-old mother and the 3-month-old baby are hospitalized in critical condition, police said.

    The 21-year-old friend threatened to call 911 and Bruno allegedly turned on her, slicing her up with a household cutting device and leaving her for dead, police said. Then he ran down the fire escape and, with a table, continued to assault the mother of his child, who was lying on the ground on top of her baby after the two plunged three stories out the window, police said........

    The mother of the child had an order of protection against him, authorities said.

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    How awful. Prayers for the women and baby!
    See, I still have most of my marbles!

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    He needs to not get out of prison...ever.

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    Charges to be upgraded against Jersey City man accused of pushing ex-girlfriend and baby out window

    Charges against a Jersey City man accused of pushing his ex-girlfriend and their 3-month-old son out a third-floor window Friday morning will be upgraded to criminal attempted homicide Monday, Jersey City police said Sunday.

    more at link ............... http://www.nj.com/hudson/index.ssf/2...d_against.html

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    From August 2015:


    The man convicted of killing his infant son and attempting to murder both the child's mother and her roommate in 2012 was sentenced to 113 years in prison today...

    Bruno and Calderon met at Ferris High School. They had already broken up when he let himself into the apartment on July 27, 2012 carrying a meat cleaver, dressed all in black and wearing gloves... Bruno stabbed Calderon in the face and body with the meat cleaver until it broke in two. He then grabbed a knife and continued to attack Calderon before turning his rampage on Figueroa, stabbing her in the neck.

    Prosecutors alleged Bruno then shoved the mother and child with such force that an air conditioner, the woman and baby were propelled through a third-floor window. Bruno then descended to the backyard and beat the woman with a metal stool. Security video presented during the trial shows Figueroa's body jerking each time he struck her with the stool, which broke during the attack, leaving screws beside her in her blood.

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