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    Arrow NEW:Zodiac Identities ~ The Pi/Amador/Occult Code Connection

    NEW:Zodiac Identities ~ The Pi/Amador/Occult Code Connection
    Ok, I posted the Amador connection here(please read): The Amador connection - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community
    I had read a story about Arlis Perry( murdered 10-12-74 at Stanford). Read the story here and compare crime scene display and Allister Crowley emblem
    This crime I believe is the work of the Zodiac who mailed this letter(excorcist letter jan 29,1974 http://www.zodiackiller.com/ExorcistLetter.html ) , and the Halloween card(Oct 27,1970 http://www.zodiackiller.com/HalloweenCard.html ) The later metion(halloween card), being the first Identifier of the Zodiacs Identity and the excorcist letter(4 years later) being the Staveless runes Identifier that overlays the previous(4 year old) name Identifier(key) on the Halloween card
    This crime was desribed in a way that I made an accurate assumtion when posting my diagram and the connection to Amador's logo. [ame="https://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?t=179718"]The Amador connection - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community[/ame]
    Amador is Amador Valley Highschool (Dons) in Pleasanton California.
    One of the Zodiac letters was mailed from Pleasanton California as I posted before (see here: http://www.zodiackiller.com/LATimesLetter.html ) .
    When I overlay the keys from the Halloween card , I get this:
    A Tent rune 'X' (halloween card mirrored)
    A name from the 'V' itself
    A Name in runes (Staveless runes from Excorcist letter imposed over the Halloween key)
    A NAme in the Key (halloween card)
    When all keys are layed together I get:
    A clock face.
    An Hour glass
    A mountain scape (mt diablo)
    Amador Dons symbol
    At 6:30 on the face of the clock, a town: (Pleasanton ,California(home of the Dons))

    When examining the Arlis Perry crime I get:
    The Amador Dons emblem
    Allister Crowley Hexogram(attempt at Star of David)
    these two things have numerical letter values to Pi and here is how I get it:
    The halloween card EYES are in patterned sequence of Pi : 314.1
    3141 (down) and reverse as well (left to right)1413
    these values are this:
    3141= CADA
    1413 = ADAC
    AD= Amador Dons
    AC= Allister Crowley (see: http://zodiackiller.21.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=3527)
    The two symbols (dons and Allister Crowley Hexogram can be connected with the excorcist like crime of Arlis Perry.
    Note: Arlis was a devoted Christian and professed her faith to Satanists.
    The fact that the Amador Symbol can be found in the final overlays of all the keys in the Halloween card is of importance when considering the symetry of Pairs
    (something Zodiac mastered and showed in his works)
    The crossing of the pants over Arlis' nude waist is an example of the Zodiacs (named in Staveles runes) work in connectiong his name to runes, a visual vista,a crime scene and the series of crimes in themselves as one in the same.
    Clearly Allister Crowley had some influence here, if not being the matermind of all of these followers who commited satanic crimes under his command. I believe satanic influence on teens was critical in mastering a church of killers (slayers) and it is evident in the Manson Crime Spree and other crimes that young teens were conerted to brain washed killers using symbology,satanic worship and the desire to kill innocent people played out like a GAME(Zodiac played this Game).
    To me, I see suggestions of a very intellectual killer in these specific letters, not only taunting the public and the police with his LAYERED NAME,CRIME SCENE SIGNATURE and most likely,VIEW FROM HIS HOME in Berkeley/Oakland. but his portrait of himself and his pride can be all put into one piece of work that says it all
    See my Layered Map Theory here: [ame="https://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?t=180120"]Layered Map Theory. Help me Sleuths... - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community[/ame]
    See my Amador connection thread here (which includes my drawing that compares to the Allister Crowley hexogram that mimmicks AMador Dons emblem): [ame="https://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?t=179718"]The Amador connection - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community[/ame]

    Clear to me is the fact that Pleasanton was a location where one of the letters was mailed from, very strange when concidering most were mailed from San Francisco.
    Also, it is apparent that symetry was the reason for his precise killings in locations that were only so many degrees apart ( I believe it was half of PI, or when all the keys are overlayed, half of the equation-thus only the upper left portion of the tent rune on the Halloween card). This guy was into reversing things and hidding clues in the meaning of things, another satanic occult indiactor. The postion of the crimes of the late 60's and Radian theories abound can simply put, aid and apply to these overlay solutions.
    Satan tried to copy the Star of David (shield) This most likely was something from deep within the motives of the Satanic church which was started on 6,6,1966 (6666)
    6:30 or 66 is the location of Pleasanton on the Phillips 66 map. The Hour glass can be seen on the maps cover as well in the overlayed keys, a reference to mirrored symetry) thus, Pleasanton (6:30 or 66 + Phillips 66 or 66 = 6666. This now applies to Anton Lavey who I believe was behind the churches foundings.
    LAV is the reverse of VAL...remember how I linked my POI to this Solution? I think this fully dedicates the Zodiacs murders to SATAN.
    I am most certain that this is the work of one mastermind, no mater how many killers were sent to the crimes, it seems to me that One Killer was into some kind of mathmatical copying of something so spiritual that no Killer can ever imitate and that he could manipulate the followers of satan(thus explaining the mass killings going on throughout California at the time) into helping him build a shield. Gods Protection is for those who believe in the One, not for those who kill and follow Satan, whom, thought that HE was the One.. I believe this is the CRACK in the shield that made Zodiac Crackable, not CRACKPROOF as he so declared..
    I think these Killers used these properties in some ritualistic way, probably to remain HIDDEN, who knows. its right there on the tip of my tongue.(hissss)
    You can not deny all of these connections when packaged together to form a connection of identifiers,numbers,symbols and codes to describe on thing:
    The Zodiac Killers Identity, which was in the crime itself. DEATH.
    Who knows when What I have discovered becomes important. Yesterday I mailed Napa Sherrifs office and am waiting for a reply. This makes my 4th attempt with law enforcement in a month. Lets hope I get a reply..
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