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    12-year-old girl steers car to safety after grandfather dies


    When it was all over, 12-year-old Miranda Bowman was crying hysterically, barely able to breathe or recall what had just happened.

    Seconds earlier, her grandfather Paul Parker, 63, had died at the wheel of a car in which she was the front-seat passenger.

    If it weren’t for some quick thinking and action by the girl from Burlington Township, the situation, already dire, could have turned into an even greater catastrophe.

    More at link....

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    That poor girl!!! What a thing to have to go through! God bless her.

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    God bless her. She reacted bravely, and she can be proud of herself for that. I know she is going to have a really hard time with this, in spite of that, and I hope and pray she gets through this quickly.

    God bless her, what a little trooper she is.

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    awww, what a brave little girl

    may her good memories of her grandpa help her overcome the trauma

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    This is one of my greatest fears. My father is older, and lately when in a car with him I fear he will fall asleep or die while driving and I will have to stop the car.

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