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    Zodiac-San Francisco-Victim Paul Lee Stine- Property Report

    Zodiac's confirmed murder victim Paul Lee Stine. aka the taxi cab driver.
    After being taken down to the coroner there was a property list made up of items found on him. These were:

    7 Keys Why the 7 keys? Because he was the 7th victim
    A Class ring To mess with the police having to look at yearbooks
    Misc paper/Fare Book He left the fare book to spite him.
    Some Change Because the almighty dollar was more important to take than some chump change
    The famous torn shirt Anyone the lenght and the width that was cut off of his shirt? I am not sure but it has meaning.
    Missing were his:
    Wallet He stole his idenity like in the holocost. Stien
    Taxi Cab Keys He took away his livelyhood.
    His Glasses The Zodiac wore them in the composite

    The Zodiac used siz 7 woman's gloves. 4 fingers on each hand plus a thumb on each equals 10. 10x size 7 equals 70. When did the killing end 1970. Size 7 is also the number of victims he claimed?
    What happens in craps when you get a 7 or a 11 crap out new game. Pair of dice. -paradice roll the dice
    Murdered Oct.11, 1969 guess what 11 crap out new game or Oct. 1oth month, 11 day 10 plus 11 equals 21. The Zodiac like to play the Best Odds.
    Which games are those in Vegas. Backgammon, Craps and Blackjack!
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    Nice work

    This was great work. I found that all the letters have something to share with my POI today. I had to rush to the library and archice my work in facebook. I made a great file of copies.
    It took a while but now I have some more proof, and this should really get Napa SHeriffs attention, as I am still waiting for a reply. I imagine now there is talk of opening the case, but I have heard nothing..
    I think that there are many more my POI committed, namely Oregon crimes I suspect him of. I now am 500% sure my POI is the Zodiac. Take a look at the new thread.
    Do you have a link for the stine report?
    Did I make metion that my POI gave me a gift, a pair of glasses, Halloween brand and with EYES in them. Holgraphic eyes.
    You seem to understand the keys, so what does the key on the snowman card mean? I see the notch is pointing at 8. ANy ideas?

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    Shirt cloth

    I think the shirt cloth was for a magical ritual, maybe even since he mailed it. I can not explain the magic, only that I know that cloth can make the magic more powerful somehow.

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    TimeCop, What is the LENGHT AND THE WIDTH of the Shirt. It is important. The size of the pieces of shirt sent in the the 3 letters I bet is 7 inches long. I am the one who turned in the 70 page report on my POI to the San Francisco Cold Case Division a couple of weeks ago on the STINE MURDER SIR.

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    I have been reading Steve Hodels book, interesting is a photo of a detective looking at Stines Shirt. From what I can guestimate from the photo is 6-7 inches long by 3-4 inches wide. It appears there are at least 14 stripes total on the piece I see being examined, but could be a little wider than I can see (the right side is hidden behind detectives hand). I see at least 7 white and 7 black stripes(appears black,as is a B/W photo) Using 4 marks per inch I get 4 lines per Dice in the Paradise Key (each dice consisting of 16 cubes. 14 lines would be 3 1/2 inches per the marks I have been using to determine the radians and crime location data being hinted at throughout the letters and on the P66 map. It appears the Lines of Pauls shirt may have been a hint to 3 seperate works of MUSIC, and the crime locators may be representing notes(maybe where Letters/notes were tied to the crime locations. Still working on it but have been on the trail of my POI and tying him to the I-HOP if possible(as ya know the Eyes watch the skeleton Hop).
    Amador and Ihop hold SYmetrical views which may be relevant to the MO of at least one of the Zodiac bunch, There, in my latest estimates were at least 5 members per cell that are related to the PARADICE riddle for a total of 10, all operating within the foothills and immediate area of Mt. Diablo.
    Stine was intentional as was Bates and Arlis Perry. Though not all are identified to be works of the same killer(Zodiac), I think they are all three connected to my POI and are the cases I am most nterested in.
    Are there any photos of what Stines Keys would have looked like?.
    I noticed a photo online of Stine laying over seat and hands dangling from car being used on an album cover...dispicable. ANyways, yes, I think 7 x 3.5 is fair to say from what I can see as the dimensions of the Shirt Pieces.

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