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    Quote Originally Posted by gngr~snap View Post
    the dentist or orthodontist would have pics/molds of the teeth before treatment began... POINTLESS in trying to HIDE any past or future crime.
    IMO the orthodontia was done due to an injury he sustained in a fight
    or accident.
    I see your point, and I HOPE Mickey got him really good. I just cringe when I think of this monster. R.I.P Mickey

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    Exclamation The rash

    This thought came up on the DWT thread...

    post 117
    Quote Originally Posted by Backwoods View Post
    ~respectfully snipped for this thread...
    (But what do I know? I'm still seeing pink or lavender graffiti-like lettering on the other pic that no one else sees.)
    From this pic...White Truck New.jpg

    It evolved into BSL's "poison ivy rash"

    Could it be mace on the door? Pink "Stinker" mace?


    The CEO ie. "perp" spends a little time on his knees after being "maced"
    here is the video...
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlxAKETY7mU&feature=player_detailpage"]CEO gets shot with Pink Stinker pink pepper spray - YouTube[/ame]

    How long does the pink dye last on the skin?

    "One test involved only eight seconds of exposure followed immediately with forty-five minutes of continuous rinsing with water. The result was a vivid baby pink coloration lasting over eighteen hours."

    How long was it until we think he showed up at the ER? 8pm (ish)~that's 18 hours...

    Any chance that this MAY have happened to BSL?
    Was this the reason for the delay in treatment?

    This is a discussion about BSL's wounds and hospital visits...
    not the DWT...
    JUST to clarify the subject matter here...

    If so I am having CROW for dinner!
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    ~ my opinion only

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