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    SC - Boy, 2 mos, dies of head trauma, Orangeburg, 14 June 2009


    Young was out on a $35,000 bond for the homicide by child abuse charge. The bond amount for the sexual assault case was set at $30,000
    This is crazy. He (allegedly) murders a baby, gets out on a pathetic $35,000 bond - now his second bond for sexually assaulting an 8 year old is only $30,000. Lots of comments on this story. One guy says "Who is the judge - his Dad?" I just want to know what we can do about this? Who to contact to complain about this bond?


    Case number M212065 is the "Murder / Homicide by child abuse (20Y to Life)" Date Received 06/16/2009 - Anwar has been out on bond for 3 years for murder with no trial!

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    This ticks me off!!!! OMG! The judges need to be thrown in prison for life! Ridiculous!

    RIP McStays

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    Such a petty amount of money for his initial bond (given the circumstances). Then he commits yet another heinous act and he's given ANOTHER low bond??? I think that Judge needs to be removed.
    This post is my opinion only unless supported with a link.


    MISSING SINCE 6 NOVEMBER 2011 when his mother ALLEGEDLY left him in a locked car.
    She has been uncooperative with law enforcement and has seemingly moved on with her life.


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