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    I don't remember ever reading anything about the Astor Motel murder site. Is this the first time it was ever discussed in print?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gregjrichards View Post
    Black Dahlia killer unmasked: Notorious case of aspiring starlet who was cut in half and had 'Joker smile' carved into her face is finally solved, despite 'cover-up by LAPD'


    *Elizabeth Short, 22, was found gruesomely murdered in 1947 in Los Angeles, gaining national attention and was dubbed the Black Dahlia

    *The aspiring starlet's body was severed, her stomach filled with feces and her body was completely drained of blood

    *The horrendous murder has not been officially solved, although a break came in 1948 when Leslie Dillon was seduced out of hiding and revealed himself
    He knew pieces of information that was never made public, including that Short's rose tattoo had been cut out from her leg and inserted in her vagina
    But despite this evidence, Dillon was never prosecuted and detectives never had 'headway with their investigation' because of corruption within the LAPD

    *It's suggested that the case was never solved because Dillon worked for Mark Hansen, a wealthy and powerful Hollywood man with ties to the police
    Hansen had known Short as she lived in a house he owned and is said to have grown tired of her pestering him for money so he told Dillon to take care of her
    The case against Dillon is made in Piu Eatwell's new book Black Dahlia, Red Rose: The Crime, Corruption, and Cover-Up of America's Greatest Unsolved Murder

    Warning graphic images at link

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz4wWxcaOMD
    Nah, don't believe it, whenever a case could not be solved because of some kind of conspiracy theory, I lost interest,

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    Quote Originally Posted by marsyao View Post
    Nah, don't believe it, whenever a case could not be solved because of some kind of conspiracy theory, I lost interest,
    Same. Dillon was brutalized by DeRiver and the police. He was as much a victim as anyone. With this new theory, we’re getting too close to “royal conspiracy” territory for my liking.

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    It's hard for me to believe this crime was a one-off, that is, unless the killer committed suicide during some ensuing lucid moment.
    This my opinion and to the best of my knowledge, that is, if I'm not joking.

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    Me as well. It just seems to scream serial killer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by STANDREID View Post
    It's hard for me to believe this crime was a one-off, that is, unless the killer committed suicide during some ensuing lucid moment.
    I have watched one of the many doccies and once read a book where a chapter was devoted to her.
    I have seen the pictures taken at the scene.

    I read most of this thread as well. I have never read Steve's book.

    I visited Larry's site. He has a map of LA circa 1947/8.

    Any hunter or butcher back then could tell you exactly where to break the spinal cord to carry a kill or a side of beef over the shoulder.

    I think that was done to carry the corpse from the point of killing to where he dismembered her.

    How many butcher shops were in that area at the time? Or how many butchers lived close to that plot of land.

    She may have been gone for 5 days, but she may not have been alive for 5 days.

    Bruising does mean pre death but the scratches and cuts could be from being forced to walk through a wooded area, possibly at night when she would not have been able to see branches and avoid them.

    The killing has the marks of a lust murder. I think people are thrown off by the violence and hatred which are the marks of a serial killer.

    However, I think this man had it in for Elizabeth only.

    She left a hotel with a man, that man took her to a wooded area possibly a cabin with a deer hide close by.

    There he hit her and beat her. The beating might have killed her then.

    Or he beat her, left and came back the following night or the night thereafter.

    At that point he kills her. But he cuts her spinal cord to carry her over his shoulder, so perhaps he takes her to a third location for the dismemberment.

    The third location would be close to where she was found because he had already driven around and looked for a spot to dump her.

    He cuts her up and then he does a few strange things to make it look like overkill, such as slicing the mouth, cutting off the tattoo. The only thing he does that means anything is taking off the right breast.

    He staged her very carefully and I can't help thinking that the placement of the torso was not accidental. Was he trying to make her shorter?

    I don't know, but it is a very interesting case.
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