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    Keddie Murders(California 1981)

    I have been interested in this particular unsolved case because of the striking resemblance to one of the Zodiac crimes and several origianal Night Stalker crimes. The binding with cords,the stabbing,etc, it all seems weird,considering:
    2 weeks earlier a ZODIAC letter(suspected as a forgery, but I suspect otherwise) was sent to and from Atlanta somewhere. That claimed resposiblity in other words, for some of the Atlanta child murders and signed Zodiac. Was this possiblly Zodiac throwing the cops for a loop, knowing 2 weeks later he would be in California where he could commit a crime that would rekindle the zodiac file?Was he visiting Atlanta? Did he return to California shortly after and commit this crime? Just a thought. I think it is a Zodiac letter, a few places in the letter make me suspicious. I don't think it was a forgery. Thats my opinion, though this particular letter of them all would be, in my mind, the only least likely of the letters to be his.
    The Keddie, California unsolved murders though realy make me suspicios as being that a crime of the Zodiac by the crime description.
    Note, the letter says he likes kids now and a 12 year old female victim was taken fron the Keddie site and discovered years later 29 miles away. Was it a reference to a new crime spree involvong children? As sneaky as he was, I think it was a letter designed to rekindle the fire, which he reignited 2 weeks later. Good possibility. I wonder if DNA recieved here was ever compared?
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