I am 100% sure my POI is the Zodiac Killer. I have posted throughout the threads about the name his name found in the Zodiac letters(several times). Something tells me there is an EAGLE connection and it must be the boyscouts. I need help finding a list of boyscouts from 1966.
Here is my connection:

My POI lives in Walla Walla and was born on June 30,1949
Bryan Hatnel was one of Zodiacs first victims.
Check this out:
Bryan was born on July 1st,1949
This makes my POI 1 day older than Bryan. If they were going to school togther, this is the kind of tie that makes best friends. I was best friends with people who shared my B-day or a near relatoion to the date anyways. I loved school and making friends.The POI is one day older than the Victim anf this is a connection, I just know it.
I am currently waiting on a call from Bryan, who is a LAWYER. I plan to amp this investigation up if Law enforcement wants to keep blowing me off, because Bryan may have recognized his voice or can recognize it.
Next, I want to see if Brayan knew my POI. Watch me blow this case wide open. I promised all the victims I would catch the devil, and I got him in my sights. God bless all the families of the victims. I will continue on my quest as the MAN WHO DOWNED THE ZODIAC.