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    Xander's Obituary

    Very touching.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seek&Find View Post
    I know we trained for it and drilled for it as potentially a two person drowning, as well as how to safely approach a victim and break their holds as need be, because often a drowning person is panicked and focused solely on survival. If someone's in their reach, they can grab hold and not let go, and try to climb on top of the rescuer, even if both are going down. We drilled hard on how to break two apart, or free ourselves. We'd have one lifeguard play the victim and when a rescuer got within a few feet, grab the guard and take them under, not letting them go. It was a fight for survival, and then to rescue. It also drove home the point to use the ring, buoy, or hook when possible.

    That's why I hope it really was he intended and tried to help her. I think this was a community pool w/o a guard? And I read in one article the two little ones were in the deep end. The pools I worked at had a buoy rope separating the deep from the shallow end, and kids had to swim all the way across the pool without stopping to prove their skills before they could get into the deep end. Our little community pool here also has no guard and no rope to designate the deep end.

    Xander deserves a lot of credit for trying to help her. On one of my rescues, the pool was really busy, I was constantly scanning as guards do, but it was easy to tell when this girl went under as all the kids around her scattered like oil with a drop of soap added. They couldn't get away fast enough. And that's good from a guard's perspective, so you only have one victim to grab. Just pointing it out to say he went against instinct to try to help. Sweet boy.

    I haven't seen anything about where the parents were. I have seen a lot of parents who put their kids in danger by not watching them while in the pool. We actually used to kick parents out of our pools if their kids couldn't swim and they refused to be with/watch them. Community pools w/o guards in particular rely on adults being vigilant. Idk what happened here entirely, but hopefully it reminds us all to watch our kids.

    We were certainly trained on dealing with one panicked drowning victim, but I don't remember anything being said about rescuing two at a time. If they've added that to the training, good!

    And I agree that at a community pool, too many parents allow themselves to be distracted, assuming that somebody will see any kids who get in trouble. Fatal assumption, it appears, in this case.

    I also wondered about the design of the pool, as shown in the first link. Not only was there no rope to designate the deep end, but the pool seems built around a concrete island. Looks cool, but it can only make it more difficult to keep track of kids in the water.

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