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    Quote Originally Posted by dog.gone.cute View Post

    Resp Snipped and RBBM: This is a great point ... and I agree, a good investigator should have noticed all of the points you listed.

    Also, reading your post made me think of something : The Toilet

    Now, this is probably a very long shot ... and maybe I watch too many forensic type shows ... but if we have someone experienced in this area of forensics please 'chime in' ...

    It has been mentioned that it is possible that DP drowned Kathleen in the toilet ...

    I am wondering IF it is possible that some sort of forensic testing could have been done when Kathleen was found to determine IF she had drowned in the toilet -- like IF they could have tested the water found in or on her for "toilet bowl water" ... KWIM ?

    While "toilet bowl" water may look and appear to be "clean" -- if forensically tested, I am going to "guess" that there would be other things that would show up in toilet bowl water : like "toilet bowl cleaner" and "human waste elements" "bacteria" ... maybe "some other things" that one might put in a toilet ...

    I am sorry if this might sound a little gross ... but JMO, no matter how clean the toilet water is, there may be "something" -- "anything" -- that might have shown up IF they had tested the water IN and/or ON her [like test her hair] to see if there were "TRACES" of something that you would NOT find in "bath water" ...

    I hope this made sense ... maybe it is far fetched ... but they have come a long with forensic testing ...

    Maybe the next time someone "sucpiciously drowns" in the bathtub, LE will test the water found IN or ON the victim -- just to make sure that the person did drown in the tub and was NOT drowned in the toilet ...

    Have a nice day everyone ...

    It makes perfect sense to me! I originally thought Kathleen died in the bathtub, but after Dr. Blum's testimony firmly believe she actually drowned in the toilet and DP place her body in the bathtub and staged it to appear to be a bathtub accident/drowning.

    Unfortunately, there was no one in March of 2004 who was inclined to investigate this as a possible homicide. '

    I hear what you're saying in regards to toilet bowl water versus tap water, and I would think there would be either chemicals or bacteria that would show up in toilet bowl water that wouldn't be present in the tap water drawn for a bath.
    My posts are my opinion..........

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    Quote Originally Posted by WindyCityGirl View Post
    It really was illuminating the extent to which this debacle was one oversight and failure after another.
    Being a WS newbie, I really value how much I learn from all of you.
    BornDem, thank you very much for sharing this....there should be a big investigation into the Will County police here as well as a review of policies and procedures overall.

    First, WindyCityGirl a belated

    to our little gang of crime watchers, solvers, and learners of how to catch'em!

    You really jumped into one, didn't you!? But it appears that you may be from er, um, maybe Chicago?!! Local folks are so helpful, especially to those of us who "ain't from around here." So glad you're helping us with this. We all discover & learn together. Different thoughts, even if we don't all agree, make for good all-around crime solving and learning more every time we come on a forum here.

    And you remarks to me are most appreciated.

    Hang with us, and think positive thoughts for justice for Kathleen.

    All posts, unless attributed, are "just my humble opinion," and they are to remain here in Websleuths and are not to be used elsewhere. Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AbbieNormal View Post
    Maybe someday the veil will be lifted, and the kids will know the truth about their POS father.
    Are any of the 4 older kids attending the trial?
    Just when I think that I have seen the most depraved things a human can do to another human, somebody posts a new story...........

    Why is it that when a custodial parent fails to provide for a child it is called neglect and is a criminal matter. But when a non custodial parent fails to provide it is called failure to support and is a civil matter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mysteriew View Post
    Are any of the 4 older kids attending the trial?
    The 18 yr old son came in briefly and sat by his father during a trial break and received a ' Happy Birthday' greeting from his dad.

    And IIRC, maybe someone else remembers this too, I thought maybe it was said the son had to leave during the trial because he was on the witness list. Is that right?
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