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    Serelda Routier

    Hi everyone!

    I'm new to this forum, I'm 21 and I live in a small city called Toowoomba in Queensland Australia. I signed up mainly because of the Darlie Routier case, I first read about it only a month ago and have been intrigued by it so much ever since. I've become so hooked to finding out more and more information on this case that I have to promise myself to sit down and do all my uni work first before I can research any more on this case.

    While I haven't read any of the books about this case or read through all of the transcripts yet (it's taking me forever!) I have listened to the 911 call plenty of times, watched the various crime shows on YouTube, read a lot of information on this website and also looked at the crime scene photos (as horrifying as they are!). I've always believed in Darlie's guilt and my mind hasn't changed once.

    The one question I have in regards to this case though is something that Serelda Routier said and i'm not sure if it's true, I only knew about this by watching "The story of Damon and Devon Routier" videos on facebook which I think are incredibly well done. Serelda Routier called up prosecuter Greg Davis and said "if my daughter in law did this, I want the death penalty". But what I don't understand is what kind of evidence was Serelda expecting to go against Darlie and prove that she actually did it? Even with all the evidence that DOES prove that Darlie commited those crimes, why does she still to this day stand by Darlie and proclaim her innocence? Just confuses me how she said one thing and then says something different?

    I also firmly believe that while Darin didn't take any part in actually murdering the boys, he definitely knows that Darlier commited those horrible crimes and definitely feels a little bit to blame after the big fight they had that night and this is why he proclaims her innocence as well and either doesn't want to be sent to jail himself or doesn't want their only surviving son to know what his mother did to his brothers.

    I really hope I haven't bored anyone with this post, but i'd love to hear what anyone has to say about this. Cheers!

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    IMO, Sarilda continues to support Darlie's innocense so that Drake, whom she helped raise after Darlie was sent to jail, will not have to face the truth about his mother killing his brothers.

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    The whole family is in denial!

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    I wonder if Sarilda still supports Darlie now after Darin divorced her. That entire family has to know by now that Darlie killed those boys. I would think that Drake would have figured it out by now too.

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    I cannot possibly begin to understand sheltering Drake from the truth. Maybe as a child, you keep it under wraps, but once he was old enough to ask questions, the truth had to start coming out. No reason to say yes she did or no she did not... let him weigh the evidence and form his own opinion. But there is no reason to remain supportive of Darlie just for the sake of sheltering a child or keeping up appearances. He deserves the truth, or his opinion of the truth, no matter how brutal it may be.
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