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    I haven't checked back on this thread for a very long time. The purse thing just always bothered me. If it was about drugs, (which I honestly never was trying to guess the motive, just the sequence of events of the abduction.) I can't see money getting left behind.
    I just wish that whatever the motive was, that these three ladies are found and laid to rest. For the sake of them and the people that knew and loved them. It just seems like they should have been found by now. I don't live anywhere Springfield and I'm not even referring to the posts above, but I get the feeling that more people do know what really happened to them. But nobody will say. Tragic.

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    I can't in the wide world see why drugs would lead to a triple murder of the sort we are discussing; if it were about drugs and money, why was so much money left behind? Where is the evidence of drug involvement at a level to lead to multiple homicides and the risky abduction of 3 women?

    We have been led to believe that those who entered the home in the morning and afternoon after the disappearance have been cleared by LE of involvement, so, if that is true, the abductors/killers could not have anticipated that the supposed crime scene at the home, including the broken porch light glass, would have been so completely disturbed. That fact leads me to wonder if they were just lucky that any trace of their presence was contaminated by so many helpful people.

    I think it is possible that the purses might have been moved by someone who was in the house at that time, as people looking for the women would certainly have wondered if they had purses or keys with them. If someone did move the purses, then only those who were present at that time, and presumably LE who asked them what they touched or moved, would know that. So for me, absent confirmation about what those dozen or more people touched or moved, the purses just say to me that the girls got to the house and that getting the women out was the goal.

    Someone who knew the women and was looking for drugs or money could have burglarized the house while the graduation was going on and no one was home. At least that is my take on it. It seems to me that kidnapping was the goal.

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    I think it wasn't the brother. Who all knew that the daughter would be home with a friend anyway? So ideally the plan unless, the girls were being stalked/followed, was the mother being alone. Strange phone calls, perhaps a scorned lover or want to be lover of the mother? Has that angle been thoroughly checked out?
    I do find it hard to think that one person overtook 3 women at the same time, unless they girls came home while the incident was taking place. I can see then how they could be over power if a gun was involved.
    I keep going back to how it just is so unlikely a random crime, either it was done by someone that they knew, knew of them or the girls were being followed.

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    Hard to fathom that come next June it will be 25 years with no new evidence or leads. Even some of DB Coopers ransomed money was found almost 10 years after he jumped and he never seen again.

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