Russian serial killer captured after 15 years
By Tom Parfitt, Moscow
8:08PM BST 02 Jul 2012

One of Russia's worst ever serial killers a former policeman who allegedly murdered 29 women has been captured.

Officers seized the 48-year-old, described only as Mikhail P., in Vladivostok after an almost 15-year investigation.

News reports claimed he had beheaded some of his victims and had sexual intercourse with their corpses. The suspect was a serving police officer at the time of the attacks, which took place mostly between 1995 and 1998 in Angarsk in Siberia. One woman was murdered in 2004.


Many of the corpses were discovered but a dedicated team of detectives was unable to locate the serial killer. After leaving the Angarsk force in the late 1990s, Mikhail P. worked at a metal pipes factory.

He was finally identified when police compared DNA samples found on the bodies to former officers from their own force.