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    2600-year-old brain, "remarkably fresh, with tofu-like consistency," found in England

    2,600-Year-Old Brain Found in England, in Remarkably Fresh Condition (medicaldaily.com)
    Found by UK researchers in York, the brain was found in a decapitated skull aged 2,684 years. The brain is the oldest found brain in Europe or Asia, and is thought to be the best-preserved in the world.

    The finding is particularly astonishing because, even when left on a counter in a chilled mortuary facility, brains tend to degrade quickly into liquid. This one, however, had the consistency of tofu, and had none of the distinctive smell so often associated with dead corpses.
    Sonia O'Connor and her colleagues believe that the person was hanged, and then the skull was decapitated.
    Because the brain had been preserved in a water-logged pit free of oxygen, either having been placed there or having fallen in, the brain was kept fresh.
    Unfortunately, while the brain's appearance has been kept fresh, the cells and tissues have long died, though that is of course expected under the circumstances.
    Though the rest of his body was not located at the site, the head of a deer was.
    the rest, with a picture, at the link above

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    I've just been put of tofu for life.
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    It's nothing like tofu...

    Cool find though.

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    Even more amazing b/c it was decapitated! Wonder what the deer head with him symbolizes?

    Tofu and eggs, brains and eggs. Nah, I still love tofu - without eggs, lol.
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    That's where my brain is at...lol..

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    Can they extract DNA from that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Dan View Post
    Can they extract DNA from that?
    that was my first thought but I don't think so - I think maybe that's what the 'cells and tissue have died' sentence is implying

    I'm (obviously) no expert though ...

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    I think there are more people than we care to count who have tofu for brains.

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