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    Gay Couple Accuses Continental Airlines of Shaming Them with Sex Toy

    A gay couple say that an airline taped a sex toy to their luggage.
    Christopher Bridgemann and Martin Borger sued the airline this week, claiming that baggage workers removed a sex toy from their luggage and taped it to the outside of the suitcase for all to see, according to SF Weekly.

    The men flew from Costa Rica to Houston on May 21, 2011, the newspaper reported. The men retrieved their luggage, then rechecked their bags onto a flight to Norfolk, Va.
    At the baggage claim in Norfolk, they discovered, "to their horror, that a private sex toy had been removed from one of their bags, covered in a greasy foul-smelling substance and taped prominently to the top of their bag," according to the newspaper.


    The baggage claims people in Norfolk aren't the same ones in Houston and in either case they couldn't know who the baggage belonged to. I don't think the baggage guys are guilty of gay harassment. Or maybe it was the TSA.

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    That's horrible! It wasn't the TSA who did that, it was baggage handlers. (I know my cousin was one), but I've also had jewelry stolen out of my luggage when I've flown! I hope they sue the airlines and win big!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by LinasK View Post
    That's horrible! It wasn't the TSA who did that, it was baggage handlers. (I know my cousin was one), but I've also had jewelry stolen out of my luggage when I've flown! I hope they sue the airlines and win big!!!
    Agreed, but the victims are claiming 'gay bashing'. The baggage handlers couldn't know whose bag they had gone into.

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    What if it came out of the bag because it was not closed well and fell in some type of grease or oil from the baggage belts or other machinery? Perhaps the person who found it did not want to touch it but was kind enough not to put the greasy/oily object in with their clothes? Maybe a reminder to put away things and lock their suitcases better next time? I don't understand why people have to jump to the "they did this to me on purpose" when "they" do not know each other.
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    If the item came out of the bag, how would the workers know which bag it came from? There are thousands of bags going through checked areas. I am sure the areas throughout the baggage area are viewed by cameras.

    If the handlers knew which bag it came from, it should have been re-secured in the bag.

    It may have been TSA if the bags were screened and the item was flagged but, then, it should have been replaced in the bag and a sticker placed inside the bag saying it had been searched.

    I am not sure that it is gay harassment though. I think the first sentence should read as follows:
    Couple sues.... I don't know why we need to know that they are a gay couple. They are a couple and the baggage handlers embarrassed the heck out of them. The item should have been bagged if it fell out and place on the carousel rather than being taped to the outside of the bag.


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