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    Deformed bear or prankster is freaking out hikers

    The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has received several reports of people walking trails at Creamer's Field who came across grizzly bear tracks. But, upon closer inspection, officials are ruling out a real bear.

    "It's either a person or a circus bear with two left front feet walking on its hands," said state wildlife biologist Harry Reynolds. "There are no hind tracks."

    The tracks feature a foot pad, toes and claws that stretch out 3 inches from the toes. Reynolds said it's either a boot or some attachment someone is putting on a boot.

    The bogus tracks have startled some trail users, said Mark Ross, who works at the Creamer's Field Farmhouse Visitor Center as an education coordinator.

    Reynolds investigated and quickly deduced the tracks were fake.

    "It's not a laughing matter to a lot of people," Reynolds said.


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    Silly people, it's BIGFOOT on vacation up north. He usually doesn't like it that cold though.

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