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    NC - Christoper Dixon, 13, High Point, 24 Oct 2002

    Hello websleuth gurus! I'm not quite sure where to put this, or what to make of this, so I'm just going to throw it out there.

    Once upon a time, when geocities was still running, I had a very basic site for missing children. I took my information from the Charley Project and various news articles I had found. It was solely for information sake - I never posted my own theories or strayed from the facts I found. I also had an "In Memorium" section for children that had been found deceased. One of the children I profiled was Christopher Dixon, a child missing from High Point, North Carolina. He disappeared when he was taking out the trash. A mailman stated that he saw Chris running into the woods behind his house after dropping off the trash.

    Nine days later, his body was found in a construction site. The medical examiner's office stated that while they couldn't pinpoint cause of death, they concluded that he had died when he fell down the dirt road bed into the site. He added that Christopher died from a combination of neck, lung and spinal injuries.

    Now here's where I apparently come in. Just tonight I received an email claiming to be from Chris' sister. She claims the reporters lied and the mailman never saw him. She claims his body was dumped, there were tire tracks near the body as well as tar and paint chips on his hands.

    Essentially I'm asking this;
    1. What should I'd be doing with this information? I feel that if she was a family member they would have already reported this to the police?
    2. Is there anyone from NC that can verify any of what she is saying? I'm not sure if that's kosher to ask, but if anyone has heard about this story input would be lovely.
    3. How exactly should I respond to her, or should I at all?

    ETA: Apparently there is a site that is reviving archived geocities sites, which is how the sister found it in the first place. I got access to it and deleted his page completely.
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    Wow, so I was just lead here from Google. I had Chris on my mind and decide to Google him just wondering what may pop up this many years later. I just wanted to say I think it's very distasteful to even question what his sister was telling you. Trust me everything that she told you came from the detective that was working the case or from the official autopsy. It was not just some random information the family kept to themselves. I am not sure if my message will even be read bc obviously your original post is from several years ago but after reading it I had to respond.

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