If anyone knows. In coverage of the trial, commentators make the point that this jury has not been presented evidence during the trial that Stacy Peterson is missing and presumed dead.

My question is, whether presented during the trial or not, can the jurors use their own pre-existing knowledge about this fact in their deliberations?

we always hear so much about jury members bringing their "common sense" into the deliberations. And common sense is surely predicated on our existing knowledge and experiences in life.

Per TrueTV the jurors were not subjected to voir dire to determine their prior knowledge in this case. What with the wide TV and print coverage of Drew Peterson, what are that chances that not even one juror was aware that wife #4 disappeared? Very slim.

By the way, IMO the longer the deliberations go on, the worse it is for Drew.

Second question: Can Drew still take a plea even now, with the jury deliberating?