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    FL - Deputies: Woman locked boy in roach-infested kitchen cabinet


    A 42-year-old Polk County woman is behind bars facing child-abuse charges after deputies say she locked a 4-year-old boy in a kitchen cabinet for hours on end.

    Lori Hamilton of Lakeland was arrested Thursday and is being held in the Polk County jail without bail.

    Deputies say she locked the child in a kitchen cabinet on several occasions and screwed it shut so he could not escape. Witnesses described the cabinet as dirty and roach-infested and said the boy was forced to urinate on himself while inside............

    Her arrest report said the boy would often stay in the cabinet until someone else in the home found him there and let him out.

    But when Hamilton realized the boy had been released, she would often put him back and screw the door shut again despite his cries to be let out.

    The boy told investigators he was often bitten by roaches and spiders and confirmed the story the witnesses told deputies, saying he used the cabinet as a bathroom because he was inside for such long periods of time...........

    DCF spokeswoman Carrie Hoeppner said the boy and two other children were placed into protective custody because of the environmental hazards in the home and the accusations that Hamilton locked the child in the cabinet.

    Because he kept her up at night...well, lady, hope you get a lot of sleep in jail!

    Strange, article does say what their relationship is.....

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    Ugh. Some people just make me sick. I can barely handle hearing my kids yelling when I send them to their rooms, which I know are safe and not a bit roach infested. I can't imagine ever having the urge to lock my kids in a closet or anywhere else, for that matter. But to lock them up with roaches and spiders, I simply can't imagine. Poor kid is going to have phobias for the rest of his life.
    JMO. Unless there's a link, I can't prove it.

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    August 2013 - plea bargain. Pled guilty to child abuse. Got 3 years probation

    Under the terms of her probation, she cannot have unsupervised contact with minors. She was ordered to attend a parenting class.

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